Fill your life with adventures…

Welcome all!

If you know me, then you know, I am horrible at maintaining communication with loved ones.

Since 2017 is my self-proclaimed “year of travel” I have been urged by many to document my adventures. This way my friends and family can easily follow along!

I am about to depart on my biggest trip of 2017! So what better time to start the documenting?! I am headed out to the Pacific Northwest with Sophia Rose (9 year old labradoodle), Gonzo (6 year old labradoodle) and my R-Pod (cutest camper ever!) in just over 2 weeks!

This weekend I bought my last few supplies at the REI Anniversary Sale, now, all I have to do is pack up the R-Pod and finish up this school year! Then it’s peace out flat, hot, and humid Houston for 5 whole weeks!

I will pick up my sister, Tami, in Lake Tahoe. Then we are off to see the Red Woods in Northern California. We will then head up to the Umpqua Wilderness and Crater Lake National Park. I will then drop her off at the airport and pick up my momma who will also get to see Crater Lake but, will also get to journey with me up the Oregon coast. Next, I will do another passenger switch in Portland with my mom and my friend Kayleigh. We will spend time in and around Portland before we adventure up into the Northern Cascades!

Can’t wait for you all to share in this journey with me!



“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”


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