Home Sweet Camper

I never wanted a camper. I never wanted to be part of the camping community. I thought camping was about big trailers and RV parks right off the expressway. Until one day Taylor sent me a link to the R-Pod by Forest River. I felt instantly connected to it. I started researching this camper and realized how much freedom this particular type of camper offered. A week later we had our Pod.

IMG_2491 (2)

It is perfect for us in every way. It is just the right size. I can easily tow it with my SUV. The dogs have their own little space and we have ours. We can get to places other, bigger campers cannot. There is a kitchen AND a full size bath. We can comfortably boondock for days, if we so choose. There is a friendly, super helpful, supportive online community. It comes with an optional R-Dome, which easily doubles our living space. And most importantly it’s the cutest camper ever and brings our family lots of joy!

“And then I realized adventures are the best ways to learn.”

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10 thoughts on “Home Sweet Camper

  1. I definitely want one of these now. I already talked to Ash trying to convince him into us getting one of these instead of a house..Lol.


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