Go where you…

We just finished up day 2 of traveling!


We are in Moab, Utah contemplating going on a night hike to the arches, with the full moon it’s hard to resist.


Dinner with a view!

Day 1 of traveling went great, only got stuck in DFW with their never ending road construction. Andddddd I had a little bit of an issue backing up, I had everyone at the gas station laughing pretty hard. We made it to Trinidad, Colorado and our campground was the Walmart parking lot with about 20 other travel trailers! At least the view was great!


Today we made our way through the mountains, so I had a big smile plastered on my face the whole time, stopping at every pull off to take pictures and let the pups stretch their legs!


For those of you wondering: I earned my “Marathoner” badge on Audible today because I am already on Prisoner of Azkaban!! #harrypotterforlife It is making the drive fly by!

Go where you feel alive.


17 thoughts on “Go where you…

  1. Gonzo doesn’t look very happy in these photos. He probably upset that he’s stuck with nothing but GIRLS for the next 5 weeks.


  2. Your pups I am in love with!!! I LOVE Colorado! Been there camping many times! Be safe and say hi to your sis when you guys connect!!!!


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