Avenue of the Giants

Tami and I were on California Highway 101 and about a hour and a half away from our final destination when we saw the sign for Avenue of the Giants.

We had been seeing some amazing Redwoods on our drive and we knew we couldn’t pass this little detour up; one of the best decisions of the trip so far!

The redwoods are unbelievable. We pulled off every couple of minutes to just stare, the size of these trees is just so unreal and once again pictures can do it no justice, they truly are giants. We are looking forward to a few more hikes in all the groves that are scattered across the Northern California Coast! I really wish I could get a picture that captures all the beauty I am seeing.

“Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”



8 thoughts on “Avenue of the Giants

    1. It truly is, more so than I even imagined! They are getting lots of kisses and love! Had to leave them behind today but there is a sweet older gentleman who lives at this campground and is know as the dog walker so he came over and played with them multiple times while we were out! So cool!


  1. Way to go Sara! I finally signed up on your blog. You are doing a great job and pictures are breathtaking! Who knew you had the wanderlust??? Happy Trails, 💗♊️, A. Rosalie

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