Adventure Awaits!

The last few days of travel went smoothly and I would venture to say that I am an expert at pulling the R-pod FORWARD. The last few days of the journey have been breathtaking, taking us through the desert, the mountains and now to the Pacific coast. With these awesome drives came, as Taylor would say, some technical driving.  Big climbs, steep grades down, a little bit of rain, never-ending stretches of desert, so many twist and turns (on what seemed to be more narrow roads than usual, lol) rock walls that seemed to close to the road, and cliffs that also seemed to close for comfort. But I made it even if the people behind me weren’t the happiest with my speed 🙂

We finally made it to our first destination Trinidad, California.  Right on the Northern California coast in the middle of the Redwood forest.  Setting up camp was an interesting experience, I tried my best to back the camper into my assigned spot but the struggle was real and I ended up asking a skilled bystander for some assistance. Turns out the site wasn’t level so Tami helped me get the camper up on risers, 30 minutes later!!!! we had a level camper. It was fun having Tami here to help me set up, not quite sure I could have done it without her. Sophie and Gonzo are glad to be out of the car (as am I) and we made sure to play some fetch and wrestle mania in the little dog park here at our camp.

“What is life but one grand adventure.”

6 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits!

  1. Just awesome😘 I love seeing you both on this adventure! The pics are so beautiful, I can only imagine seeing in person! 😘❤


  2. Hi! I am Cindy’s sister, Jill. I’ve been enjoying your blog. What a wonderful trip! Looks like your fur babies are having fun, too. Good job hauling a trailer!

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