Patrick’s Point State Park

Across the street from our campground is the most amazing state park. Patrick’s Point State Park.


Today we walked over and although we had to stick to the paved roads, due to the dogs it still offered some of the best views. We even got to see some WHALES migrating. So cool!!! They typically migrate through this region in the spring and fall so I didn’t think we would get to see any. Guess  we must have spotted the caboose!


Tami and I spent about 5 hours walking all the roads and checking out all the lookout spots. We even took turns hanging out with the dogs on the road so the other could hike down into some trails!

On a different note, we had a little hiccup with the camper. This morning a few of the electronics stopped working along with the lights. I posted this into the R-Pod Owners group, called our dealer and both said  it was most likely the converter. We were all set to go purchase the supplies to repair this but, when we got back from our hike every single thing in the camper was dead. We now have a repair man on his way out! To be continued…

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.”

One thought on “Patrick’s Point State Park

  1. Bummer about the camper, hope ya get it fixed quick AND cheaply and get on your way! Pictures are so beautiful and love seeing you sisters together! Bet ya didnt eat your lunch on that picnic table! LOL! Be safe!


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