Prairie Creek State Park

Today Tami and I got to experience the most magical place on earth; Fern Canyon. It starts with an 8 miles off road drive (Taylor would be proud of me!) deep through a steep forest. The road ends at the Pacific Ocean. From there we hiked about a half mile to a river bed. Once there, we began hiking up the river bed and with every turn we saw more beauty! The canyon has 50 foot high walls that are completely covered in ferns and moss. There are little trickles of water falling everywhere, little streams to cross, and huge downed redwoods to climb over! Tami and I kept hitting each other talking about how we can’t believe this is real. I highly recommend everyone come and see this little piece of heaven!


After our hike through the middle of the canyon we took another path around the top rim of the canyon which was awesome and so beautiful. I have never walked through a forest with such huge trees in it!


After the canyon and the forest we walked out onto Gold Bluffs Beach which was absolutely gorgeous. We wanted to put our feet in the water but the waves were a little too big for my liking and it was pretty chilly along the water!


As we were pulling out of the park we noticed a lot of cars pulled off on the side of the road. We looked around and noticed a herd of elk grazing!!  They are huge and they were just hanging out on the side of the road! One even walked right in front of my car!


And that is how we spent our last day in Northern California, going to be hard to top! Oh! and I drove through a tree!

Also, to update all on the electricity issue with camper, it was my converter. It went bad and had to be replaced L If you are ever in Northern California with a broken RV give Bob’s Mobile RV Repair a call, nicest man ever and he loves dogs which means I love him!

 “You shall walk where only the wind has walked before, and when all the music is stilled, you shall hear the singing of the stream and enter the living shelter of the forest.”

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