Into Oregon we go…

Today, we departed our awesome campsite at Azalea Glen and drove up the coast to make a quick stop in Brookings, Oregon before heading inland. We heard Brookings was a cool town and had some pretty amazing rock formations along the coastline and boy, it did not disappoint! I definitely would like to spend a whole week here some day! The dogs were not being very well behaved so we weren’t able to stay long. My fault, I had their collars on them instead of their adventure harnesses, so they wouldn’t stop pulling me around everywhere! Speaking of dogs, we have ran into so many doodles! It’s so fun to see how different they all are and is always good to have a chat with their owners about their antics; glad to know I’m not the only one with sweet and crazy pups!

After Brookings we headed to Crater Lake National Park so that Tami could see it before she leaves tomorrow. It was the best drive up to the lake, still so much snow on the ground. We got out to look at the lake and it was breathtaking. It is so blue and so massive. It also has this island in the middle of it called Wizards Peak which is cool and reminded of all the Harry Potter I have been listening to! LOL It was so interesting to read up on how the lake was formed, it was formerly a top of a mountain/volcano when 7,700 years ago it erupted forming a huge bowl. Over the years snow and rain filled it up to the lake it is today. It is the deepest lake in the world? or is it country? and only 2% of its bottom has been explored! So cool! We wanted to head down the north side of the mountain but the roads were closed due to snow so, we had to go back the way we came. I bought a season pass because I want to go back this week and spend some more time at the park and hike along the rim of the lake!

We made it to our campsite around 730 PM. It is VERY remote. No cell service in any direction for about 20-30 miles. On this trip it was not a goal of mine to disconnect from society or anything but, it looks like I’m going to be forced to for a while. I’m going to ask the owners it they have WiFi that I could use!? On a good note, it is a super cool camp, I was able to back my camper into my spot without assistance from a neighbor!!!!, and the location is so awesome! Right along a river that has about 20 different waterfalls and some hot springs that I will get to explore this next week!!

I’m also really starting to accumulate stickers! Putting Oregon on tonight!

“Your path is beautiful and crooked and just as it should be.”

5 thoughts on “Into Oregon we go…

  1. Hey Sara!
    So glad to see you are doing state map thing! I always get a kick out of seeing where campers have traveled.
    Your pictures are postcard worthy, some even have a vintage look to them. Good job!
    Happy trails,
    💗♊️, A. Rosalie

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