Fall Creek Falls

I decided to make one post dedicated to my favorite waterfall hike. If you are ever in Umpqua this one is a must! It’s only a mile in and most of it is switchbacks so it’s not too steep! The hike starts with a little walk over a bridge and a little bit later it goes through a crevasse!!!!

​The trail is so lush and is always offering beautiful views of the cascading river. Which I didn’t get any pictures of because I had some little ponies who were on a mission and I had to watch out for roots and poison oak! Yikes! Anyway at the end of the trail you are rewarded with a waterfall you can walk right up to. We spent about 30 minutes just enjoying the sound of the water falling and admiring the beauty of it. 

Okay, one more waterfall. On the way back we decided to make a quick stop at Susan Creek Falls. While it is a very accessible hike and a very beautiful waterfall there was so much poison oak along the trail I about had a heart attack! Thankfully, the trail was really wide the whole way! My motto to the dogs who were on a VERY short leash was, “don’t touch anything green!!!!”

Also, for everyone’s viewing pleasure here are a few cute pictures of my ponies, Sophie Rose and Gonzo!

“Leave the road, take the trails.”

5 thoughts on “Fall Creek Falls

    1. Sorry Cindy! I’d have to hunt you down if you stole him! Apparently when I went to shower this morning Gonzo led Sophia on a hunt around the campground to find me and had my mom panicking trying to find them 😂😂😂


      1. Awwwww….good boy Gonzo!!! OK you can keep him!! Say HI to your mom for me! Enjoy each other! great bonding time!!

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