Umpqua Hot Springs

Before I get to talking about the hot springs I want to show y’all the sign for the main river at where I staying. It says North Umpqua River! with the exclamation point and all! Totally my kind of place I use “!” way too much!! And it definitely conveys the enthusiasm the locals have for their home and all the effort they put forth preserving the beauty of the area! My kind of place. 

Now onto hot springs…

For awhile now I have been seeing way too many natural hot springs post on Instagram and I have been wanting to visit one. When I found out there was one in the area I was staying, I knew I couldn’t pass it up! 

So, on my last solo morning, I woke up bright and early to drive and hike up to the hot springs! It was a bumpy!!!!!! drive along a dirt road and a short but steep hike up!  All along the way there were hundreds of butterflies flying around me! It was pretty magical.

Once I got to my destination it was so cool! It was on a side of a mountain, you could see the river flowing down below, and there were 7 different pools all down the side and I was the only one there so I got my choice of pool! I got in the main one that is covered and spent some time enjoying the scenery but couldn’t stay in too long as 108 degrees is a little much! 

Funny story: Just as I was getting out to leave a couple was coming in. I wasn’t really paying much attention to them or what they were doing. Well, once I finished packing everything up I turned around to get one last look and got a little more than I bargained for! Let’s just say the couple didn’t think to bring their bathing suits to the hot springs like I did! 

No!!! My eyes!!!!!!  

Oregon, you’re an interesting place!

“I don’t want to spend decades on this planet and never see the diversity of places and people God created.”

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