Little River Waterfalls

My mom has arrived! The only solo part of my journey is over, from here on out I will always have another human with me! Not just the pups to keep me company anymore. Gonzo’s first night sleeping back on his bed was rough. I had accidentally been letting him sleep with me every night because he’s the best cuddler. Whoops! 

For my mom’s first full day I decided to take her to see some waterfalls! We had intended to go to four but missed a turn somewhere and couldn’t find one of them 😦 so we only ended up going to three. All of the waterfalls were part of the Little River system.

The first was Wolf Creek Falls and ended up being about a 4 mile loop. Mom held her own, pretty good for 60! It was beautiful, as all waterfalls are, and was beautiful to get to as well! A good way to start out our early morning!

Our next stop was Yasko Falls! This was my favorite falls of the day because it’s just really cool looking, I like the boulder at the bottom left. This hike in particular had quite a few mosquitoes which made up keep a pretty quick pace! 

Our last waterfall of the day was Hemlock Falls, this was my favorite area for the day because of the shallow river, rocks and logs there were to play on at the base of the falls. I let the dogs off leash since we were blocked in and there was no one else there and they had a blast! Gonzo climbed over everything and tried to find as many sticks as he could to fit in his mouth. Sophia on the other hand loves to lay in shallow, cold water so that is exactly what she did! Ha!

We had a really busy morning hiking and the drive out from the trails was quite the adventure as well. It was a very narrow single lane dirt road the whole way out and had trees blocking the path in several locations, Taylor would refer to this as overlanding. It offered some pretty awesome mountain views AND!!!!!! we saw a baby deer and mama AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we saw a black bear!!!!!!!! So cool! I thought it was a hog at first running out in front of me because it came flying out of no where and was gone in a flash! Goes to show where I’m from!

And that is how we spent our first morning and afternoon! We had a pretty jam packed day so my next post will be about how we spent our evening.

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man.”

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