Crater Lake (again!) and a Special Dinner

After spending the morning and afternoon hiking the waterfalls my mom and I wanted to make sure she got to see Crater Lake National Park. Plus the sky was so blue, so for selfish reasons, I knew it would look completely different this second go around and boy, was I right! Top picture is when my mom and I went and bottom was when Tami and I went! Mom made the comment that the bottom looks like it was shot in black and white! Nope just a gray day! We texted Tami the two pictures and her only comment was, “And I thought it was pretty the day I went!” Still a lot of snow in the area!

After the Lake we headed down to Medford to meet up with my cousin David and his family. Being cousins we spent a lot of time together as children. But his family moved to New Mexico when I was in intermediate school. However, he attended college in Chicago so we were able to reconnect then but, I haven’t seen him for about 10 years! So that night I was able to meet his wife and two adorable children. It was so nice being able to catch up, time spent with family is always so valuable. I’m grateful we were able to connect while I was in the area!

“If you wait until you’re ready you’ll be waiting the rest of your life.”

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