Pacific City

After my week in the forests and mountains I’m making my way back to the coast! I’m staying in the cute coastal town of Pacific City. Our campground is right on the ocean and offers the most beautiful views of the perfect Oregon Coast. I can see what all the fuss is about and all the beaches are dog friendly so that makes two of my passengers very happy!

I did a fantastic job backing into my spot! So much so that I was confident enough to move spots when we came across better one! My mom helped me set up camp then we took a walk around the park which is very hilly and quite large! 

Next we walked to the beach! The dogs were so excited when they saw the beach, Sophie was spinning around and Gonzo does this cute little hop/jump/spin lift up his two front legs manuver when he gets excited! I had a little surprise in my pocket for Gonzo, his favorite green ball! We spent some time on the beach playing fetch even though it was super windy. Sophie always tries to play chase with Gonzo but he’s only interested in fetch. I was laughing the whole time and had the biggest smile on my face because they were so happy! Good start to Pacific City that’s for sure! 

Also, small world. My mom mentioned to the guy at the store in the middle nowhere where I was staying previously that we were headed to Pacific City and he had just moved from there 2 days ago! He gave us a ton of suggestions on things to do! So looking forward to doing those things!

As for an update on how I’m doing. It has officially been more than two weeks away from home. I miss Taylor a lot and having no service was a little harder on me than I would like to admit. I didn’t realize how much I rely on my cell phone and its connection to everything, kind of sad really. But by the end of the week I was feeling better and really just enjoying the now. I am loving living out of the camper, I don’t mind the small living quarters at all. I don’t mind all the driving because the scenery is so gorgeous and there is always something new to look at. I am very confident in my ability to set up camp properly and about maneuvering the camper around in tighter spots! I have been really pleased with all the locations, campgrounds, and adventures I have chosen and so far wouldn’t change anything. Every place has offered something different and I am getting to expierence so much! I just wish Taylor was here to expierence it with me! Glad I have some family and friends with me though and it just gives me a reason to come back! 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

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