Highway 101

On my mom’s last day we decided to take it pretty easy but we ended up having another late night except this time it was for laundry not campfires.

We woke up bright and early because we were told about an amazing bakery called the Grateful Bread, get it? Grateful Bread, like the Grateful Dead! 😂 They had tie dye  shirts and all! Their scones were delicious! And some pretty cool flavor combinationations! They were almost sold out and we only got their a few minutes after they opened!

Next we headed down the 101 which is the highway along the coast. We passed through so many cute towns: Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, and Newport! With our ultimate goal being the Newport Farmers Market. We had some fantastic views of the coast! What a beautiful drive!

Once we got to the farmer’s market we found out it was berry season! Whoa! Local freshly picked rasberries, blueberries, and blackberries. So good. Be jealous! Ha! We also met this awesome family who ran three booths: a soup and grilled cheese, a kettle corn, and a tie dye spot. They were so cool there was an 8 year old running the soup booth and she already had her food service license! Her mom was telling us about how professionally she handled everything when food safety came to preform their inspection. She also counted our money back to us in the same way my grandma made me count it when I helped her at our family’s apple orchard. Not surprisingly, the mother of this child is from Michigan! I’m telling you! Michigan is a great state!

We then headed to Seal Rock State Park. I should mention that along the Oregon Coast there must be about 100 state parks. Essentially, the whole coast is a bunch of connected state parks, and most are free! Love free, beautiful, public places! Seal Rock was awesome and we were told we need to come back during low tide to explore the tide pools!

We decided we were going to slowly make our way back up to Pacific City. We stopped to admire Newport Bridge. We also stopped at Devil’s Punchbowl State Park! Pretty cool and pictures do it zero justice. Zero. While at the punchbowl we noticed a lot of people surfing so we stayed for sometime watching and chatting with other onlookers. The beaches were starting to really fill up on this perfect day! 

We made it back to Pacific City and obviously we had to go to our favorite Brewery and Pub, Pelican! We stayed there and soaked up our last day with this beautiful scenery.

Our last adventure of the night, besides laundry, was the beach for one last game of fetch! They have been so good they definitely deserved one last trip! We walked the beach trail with two excited pups and played fetch and chase for atleast a hour if not more. The sun was setting and the breeze was a good reprieve from the day’s high temperatures. Gonzo and Sophia had the time of their lives running through the waves and I think I took about 400 action shots. I will spare you and only share the top few!

Once the dogs were decently wore out we headed back to camp for some much needed baths! For how much Gonzo loves the water he sure hates baths! After that it was laundry and bed.

Another day well spent and a great way to wrap up my mom’s last day on the Oregon Coast!

“There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”

6 thoughts on “Highway 101

  1. Love the rays of the sun in your photos. Beautiful part of the world. Glad you got to explore it. Maybe one day I will make it to some of those places. Thanks for sharing your pics & blog. Safe travels to you.

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  2. Sara! I enjoy your pictures and blog each day as I have never travelled that region. I marvel at and applaud your independence. How do you get your puppies clean? ~Aber

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    1. Thank you Aber! I encourage you to take your children here, they would really love it! I see so many kids out enjoying the area. The location I’m in right now, Hood River, would be a perfect spot for a family trip! On keeping the the puppies clean I must say I have had to embrace the mess a little bit more than I am comfortable with but they get baths quite often and I clean the camper every night before we go to bed! Only takes about 5 minutes because it’s so small!


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