Seal Rock Tide Pools

Last night I dropped my mom off at the Portland airport and exchanged her for my final passenger, Kayleigh. 

Driving back from Portland I was telling Kayleigh I was disappointed in myself for not waking up early to check out the Seal Rock Tide Pools, you have to get there during low tide which is in the morning. We decided we were going to wake up early to go check them out the following morning before we had to head to the next camp ground.

My mom and I actually went to go see Seal Rock on our trip down the 101. It was crazy to see how different it was during low tide, not to mention, the weather was completely different, gray and misty versus the blue skies my mom and I had. 

These tide pools are the best in Oregon and I loved exploring them. They have so much life inside of each one! We saw a ton of crabs and STARFISH!!!!! And a whole bunch of other things that I don’t quite know the name of! The bright green algaes along with the gray sky background were so beautiful! So glad we made the early trip out to see this! 

On a sad note, while we were exploring the tide pools we came across some kids, maybe 8 or 9. I was asking them if they had seen any starfish because I had been unable to locate any. They got really excited and told me where to find them! I was grateful for this but, as they were explaining where to look one of the little girls pulled a starfish she had found out of her bag! I was shocked! It broke my heart that her parents did so little in educating her on the importance of preservation and the value of life. There were about 30 people there that day and I saw about that many starfish. What if all of us had taken one? 

All of these places I am visiting and sharing are so beautiful and special because people work hard to keep them that way. It is vital to educate one another and the future on the importance of “leaving no trace” in these fragile environments. I truly believe places like this are essential to our happiness and the earth’s health. It’s important to protect them for the future and the only way to do that is through education.

“Touch the earth, love the earth, honor the earth, her creatures, her plains, her valleys, her mountains, and her seas; rest your spirit in her solitary places.”

2 thoughts on “Seal Rock Tide Pools

  1. Awwwww……that is sad the girls mom allowed get to take the living starfish! So many uneducated people!! The pics are gorgeous!! Have fun w your friend!!

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  2. Amazing pics Sara! I’m sad because I didn’t get to see! Amazing difference when high tide is in. It’s so cool all the ocean life you see when the tide is out. Keep enjoying every day honey😘 You’re amazing❤

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