Multnomah Falls

We made it to Washington! We are staying just a smidge above the border. We cansee Oregon just over the river and we will actually be traveling into Oregon everyday to hike. 

However, in order to get to Oregon, I have to drive over the narrowest bridge with the shortest guide rails ever. To make it even better what I am driving on is not concrete! Oh no, it is all grates! So the traction is no bueno and you can see the water underneath as you drive! Speed limit is 25, I feel like I’m cruising at 15! #whitelnuckled

The Colombia River Gorge may be my favorite place yet! It is so beautiful! The Colombia River is sandwiched between two mountains, Hood and Adams. Every direction you look there is indescribable beauty. There are endless amounts of trails and waterfalls! Hood River is the biggest town in the Gorge and that is where we are staying. Kayleigh and I made a point to walk around the downtown for a bit and now I want to move here! So much to do for all ages and interests. 

They call Hood River, Swell City. This is because in the summer all the wind surfers come up from Baja California and spend it here surfing on the river. Every night you can see about 100 people windsurfing all down the river! Pretty cool to watch! 

Not only is Hood River great but so are all of the surrounding towns! Great food, delicious breweries (that are incredibly family friendly!) and the view at every location is spectacular! 

Our new camp site is great, not as secluded as the last, you really get to know your neighbor! But it’s a great location, it is right on the river and everyone is very friendly!

For our first day in the area we went to the most famous waterfall of all, Multnomah. We got there early because we heard it was packed this time of year and they were right! The crowds didn’t take away from the beauty of the Falls though! It’s the biggest waterfall I have ever seen and just amazing to look at.

After this initial view point we decided to take the trail to the top of the Falls, which was also pretty crowded but thinned out with each switchback; there were 11. ELEVEN! Luckily, there were some good views along the way! And don’t worry Taylor, I stopped several times to give the dogs water.

We hung around awhile at the top enjoying the sound of the river and the scenary. I also let the pups get a water break straight out of the river!

From here we decided to take the loop to Wakeena Falls. We didn’t know how far it would be but we assumed it must be close! Spoiler alert: it wasn’t! Our hike ended up lasting 5 hours. It all worked out though because the crowd finally thinned out and we got to see some of the most beautiful views and waterfalls along the way. Only downfall was that this part of the trail made the 11 switchbacks look easy! We took it slow, the dogs did so great! I was so proud of them. They led the way the whole time! Only problem was there was also a lot of downhill which is really hard on my feet if the dogs are pulling. And Gonzo was pulling hard that day. He wouldn’t let up so, I had to disconnect his leash from me. Which is something I have doing for a number of reasons. But he did so well and actually stayed closer to me off leash then he did on. Apparently he knows the “heel” command! Ha! He was so adorable just walking next to me! He looked like the most trained trail dog ever!

After our unexpectantly long hike we stopped at Thunder Island Brewery for a late lunch! It was perfect. Great view, good drinks, and good people. 

Our last stop of the night was downtown Hood River for ice cream! We stopped at the most adorable place, Mike’s Ice Cream! Everyone in this town is so friendly! I love it here!

Looking forward to our next few days in this area! I already know it won’t be enough time and that I have to bring Taylor back here!

We had two tired pups at the end of the day that’s for sure! Sorry for the long post! Can’t wait to share my next few days from this area!

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.”

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