Mosier Plateau & Tamanawas Falls

For our second day in the Colombia River Gorge we decided to change up the scenery a bit and hike up to Mosier Plateau. In the spring time when all the snow melts the trail is covered in lush green grass and wildflowers. In the summer the trail is covered dried up grass and wildflowers! 

The beginning of the trail is marked by a totem pole and almost as soon as we entered the trail we came across the town’s original cemetary which was pretty interesting.

Next up on the trail was the Mosier Waterfall. It was a pretty little Falls and I would like to one day climb down into it and swim around!

Before we got up to the plateau we had to make it through about a million switchbacks. As always the scenery distracts from pain of endless switchbacks.

We were rewarded with a beautiful view of the Gorge from the top of the plateau. It was so windy though I couldn’t hold my camera still enough to get a good picture! So you get a video instead! Ha!


After the plateau we took the suggestion from one of our neighbors at the campground and hiked Tamanawas Falls! Definitely one of my top hikes of the entire trip! Thanks Dave!
At the trailhead it actually said the trail was impassable due to a rockslide and that we would be unable to see the Falls. We decided to give it a try anyway and I’m so glad we did! The hike was fantastic, it followed along the river the whole way and only had a couple of switchbacks. 

My favorite part was actually the impassable rock slide. I unhooked Sophie and Gonzo and we started rock climbing/crawling! Sophie was a little hesitant at first and I had to pick her up and move her around on the rocks but she eventually got more comfortable. Gonzo on the other hand was a little mountain goat right from the beginning blazing the trail! It was so cute to see him think about what move to make next! They did so great and I was so proud of them. A few of the hikers were even cheering them on! The only pictures I got were at the very end as I had my hands full trying to get myself over the rocks! Bonus points to anyone who can spot Sophie in the second picture!

The Falls were absolutely stunning! The dogs took a water break and Kayleigh and I climbed around on the rocks. After we looked like we had taken a shower because the waterfall had so much spray! 

The dogs got close to a thousand burrs on them when we hiked the plateau so that is how we got to end our evening, removing them! Another great day!

“Your outlook on life is a direct reflection on how much you like yourself.”

5 thoughts on “Mosier Plateau & Tamanawas Falls

  1. Love! Even though the lush green is now dried, the wild flowers and dried grass looks pretty! Doggies are holding up well! They’re getting spoiled going for long walks every day down these beautiful trails! Enjoy honey💕

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