Pacific Crest Trail

For our last day in the Colombia River Gorge we decided to do a day hike on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Both Kayleigh and I have an interest in this trail and the Appalachian Trail. 

For those of you who don’t know, the PCT is a trail that starts in California on the Mexican border and goes about 10 miles into the Canadian border from Washington. Every year people will backpack from one end to the other. It’s over 2000 miles and takes several months; quite the commitment. (It’s the trail that the movie Wild is centered around.) We were hoping to maybe run into some of through hikers that we’re headed south but no such luck! 

It was a hot day and the trail was narrow so I decided to leave the pups in the camper while we were out. The hike was absolutely beautiful and all uphill. Glad the trees shaded the path because it was getting a little toasty!

The portion of the trail we decided to hike ended in a waterfall! My obsession with waterfalls is REAL. Someone should probably send help. We hung out at the Falls for awhile and, I of course, played around on all the rocks!

After our hike we drove over the Bridge of the Gods and I can see where it gets it name, the view from the bridge is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I was driving so no pictures but they would have done it no justice anyway.

Once back at camp we played more Skip-Bo and more fetch!

For our last meal in the Gorge we headed to Backwoods Brewery which was just the cutest. Live music, great view, friendly people, delicious pizza, and yummy drinks! 

On the way home there was the most beautiful pink sunset! If you look closely you can see Mt. Hood in the second picture!

 I should also mention pretty much everywhere we went we either had an awesome view of Mt. Hood or Mt. Adams! The Colombia River Gorge and Hood River, in particular, have been good to us. I would say it was my favorite location of all. I will miss it dearly and I will return one day. Now onto Wenatchee, Washington!

“Life is meant for spectacular adventures. Let your feet wander and your eyes marvel.”

6 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail

  1. Amazing Sara! You have been blessed with great weather on this trip, beautiful blues, greens and pink skies at night! Mother Nature at best💕! Enjoy honey, safe travels😘

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