Coming to a Close

It’s been awhile. I have gone back and forth about continuing to blog now that my PNW trip is over. While the trip is the one that prompted the blog’s creation its real purpose is for me to keep track of my travels and to share my passion with my family and friends. So, in the end, here I am posting about my adventures!

2017 is coming to a close but, its only October and I still have quite a bit of traveling left to do. 2017 is my “year of travel” after all!!

Anyway, I’m so excited for these coming months!

For October, Taylor and I have planned a few things! My mom and dad came down for the Bob Seger concert in The Woodlands but, unfortunetly, Bob Seger expierenced a back injury and had to cancel his show.  Luckily, Wings Over Houston was happening this weekend they were in town to celebrate Alyse and Taylor’s birthday!

This following weekend we will be making our annual (is it okay to call it annual now that we have gone two years in a row??) trip to Cabo San Lucas! Last year, we had such an amazing time with the Colditz’s that we decided to do it again! I cannot wait to spend some time with great friends and relax down by beach by the beautiful water!

October has been a particularly exciting month around the Bordelon Labradoodle Farm because of our sweet foster boy, Beau. We are working with the amazing organization we got Gonzo through, IDOG. We were contacted about a dog in our area. I went to the shelter, picked him up and brought him home. After going through a couple of applications I think we got to help choose the perfect family and he was officially adopted today! I held myself together pretty well but am missing him something fierce. We love and miss you Beau! Even Sophie moping around!

Over Thanksgiving break I have booked a trip with a friend to Prague! I cannot express to you how extremely excited I am for this trip! I have heard amazing things about this city and have been wanting to go for a long time. Fun fact: my great grandparents are from the Czech Republic, which makes me 1/4 Czech! I can’t wait to explore this city and country; castles, and mountains, and delicious food, and Christmas markets, and day trips to cute little towns, and and and……. I have never been to Europe but, I’m thinking this will be a good place to start! Thank you Taylor for always supporting me and loving me enough to let me satiate my wanderlust by, not only travelling halfway across the country but, now the world!

Our last trip of the year will be to Big Bend! We started planning this trip about a year ago and it is one of the reasons we purchased a camper. This is where we will be celebrating Christmas this year! We are heading out west on the Friday we get off of work! We will spend the week exploring all the cool towns in the area and hiking our hearts out in this beautiful area of Texas. Also, cannot wait to see the stars! Apparently, it is one of the best places to view them in the country! It will be the perfect way to end such a wonderful year; with Taylor and our sweet pups camping!

Speaking of camping we do have a couple weekend trips in the camper planned in between our bigger trips! We will be hitting up one of our favorites, Pedernales State Park and we are also trying out a new park in Eunice, LA.

On a rather sad note, I have some upsetting news to share: we sold our R-Pod 😥 While I thought it was the perfect camper, Taylor has struggled from the beginning with the bed. It runs the width of the camper which is 6 feet, with Taylor being right at 6 feet it makes it uncomfortable for him to sleep. We were perusing the internet one day and came across a trailer that caught our eye and a few days later the R-Pod was on the market. We purchased a Micro Minnie by Winnebago. It’s cute and it’s a tad bigger, the bed is set along the length of the trailer so it will be more comfortable to sleep in and the dogs will have more room to lay out on the floor too since it is a foot wider. Now I really mean it when I say I don’t want anything bigger, 21 feet is long enough!

Hope all is well with y’all! Sorry for the long post and thanks for following along! Can’t wait to share more of my travels here on the blog!

Hmmmmm…. which quote to choose…. I have quite a few backlogged… Ha!

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”


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