Cabo San Lucas

This is our second year celebrating Taylor’s birthday in Cabo San Lucas with our friends, Ryan and Ashley. This year the group has expanded to include Eric, Mary Beth, and Cameron! We left for Mexico on Thursday morning and landed around noon. 

Customs went so smoothly – there wasn’t even a line!! What?! Last year we had to wait in line for about an hour! We were able to quickly get a ride to our hotel, Casa Dorado! If anyone ever wants to go to Cabo, my advice is, wait until you get outside the airport and find a guy in a teal shirt they are the best! He even stopped to let us get some refreshments! 

We were greeted with a margarita and shortly after check-in we found ourselves down on the beach floating in the water! I brought a noodle this year and it’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! The weather is perfect and the views are amazing!

After hanging out in the ocean for a few hours we headed back up to our room to get ready for our dinner at our favorite restaurant, Mi Casa! 

The food was delicious, we got serenaded while we ate, they even sang to us despacito!! 😂😂 And of course what would a Cabo trip be if Taylor (and Cameron) were not sang Happy Birthday too!

After dinner we walked around the city and  stopped at Cabo Wabo.

The next morning we had reservations at my other favorite restaurant The Office!!! A must in my opinion! It’s right on the beach, has the best views and really good food!!!

The rest of the day I spent reading my book! Then we had an early dinner at Edith’s! I’m just realizing the majority of these blogs for Cabo are going to be about eating! Sorry, not sorry! #TemporaryFoodBlogger Edith’s was wonderful, the wait staff was THE nicest! We even gots hugs and high fives on the way out! I would say this has been my favorite restaurant by far! Reservations are a must though!

“May your week be filled with good thoughts, kind people, and happy moments.”

4 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas

  1. Love a clean shaven Taylor….Sooooooo handsome! Glad everyone had a blast! Sharing a birthday with friends is the best! Happy Trails, 💗♊️, A. Rosalie

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