Cerritos & Flora Farm

Last year on our way back from Todos Santos we came across this hidden away surf colony on the beach and it was one of the best days of that vacation. This year we made sure to make a whole day out of this location! It is chill, has amazing views of the mountains and the Pacific. There are a ton of surfers, they have beginners all the way to pros out on the waves and it is so fun to watch!! Also, my favorite part, there are a whole bunch of dogs out playing in the waves and wrestling with one another while their owns are out surfing! The vibe out there is the best!  

So, we rented two jeeps and headed up the Baja Coast to our favorite little beach!

We arrived in the mid-morning only to realize that where we went last year was now a private club! Boo!! We thought at first our plan fell through but then we saw next door there was a public beach! We rented some chairs, a canopy, some boogie boards and got in the water. Well, I got to reading! But everyone else got into the water! LOL I guess that’s what I get for bringing a good book! Taylor eventually talked me into getting into the water later in the day where I lost a pair of sunglasses but, I had a huge smile on my face while jumping the ocean waves! We also all enjoyed watching the surfers ride the waves and dogs wrestle with one another!

On the way home we stopped at the coolest place, Art and Beer. It is owned by this older couple who has transformed their little spot on the coast into an outdoor art gallery and garden that you can stroll through while they mix up your favorite completely fresh and handmade drink! A must visit in my opinion! The couple who owns it have a life I can only dream of; they spend about 8 months running their little spot here on the beach and the other 4 months of the year they spend traveling the world! They had actually just opened for the season an hour before we got there! So interesting and so nice! I loved seeing all the pictures of the visitors and their world travels that they have posted around their property!

For dinner that night we went to my favorite location of the whole trip, Flora Farms. It is a farm-to-table, which means they grow all their own produce and raise all their own animals. All organic. All pasture raised. Completly sustainable. 

They have a pack of dogs that they have adopted over the years that they allow to roam free around the property, we got to meet the fat black lab, Muñeca! One of their placemats told us all about all their sweet dogs! 

The property was absolutely gorgeous, they have cottages to rent, a place for cooking classes, a farmers market, tons of outdoor conversation areas, an event venue, cute little boutiques, an ice cream stand and live music! A place like this is totally in line with all my beliefs and I couldn’t get enough of it! It was so good to see a place like this exist in a place like Cabo San Lucas! It truly made my heart happy!

“You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.”

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