Walking Around Prague

Friday afternoon I caught my plane to Prague! This was my first time crossing over the Atlantic and I had some extreme, unexpected anxiety over it. Being on a plane for such a long time without the possibility of getting off was really worrying me. I boarded anyway and landed in Paris 9 hours later! I got some sleep on the plane but, not as much as I hoped!

My flight out of Houston was delayed and my layover in Paris was already short so between that, and border and security checks I missed my connection to Prague! I got scheduled on the next flight out which was only 2 hours later than my original. This was perfect as it gave me time to stretch my legs!

The flight to Prague was super short and I was meeting up with Erica at baggage claim before I knew it! Unfortunately, my baggage didn’t make my original flight or the one I got moved to. My worst nightmare; my luggage was lost!

We immediately went to the baggage claim desk and they were able to locate the luggage. They assured me it would be catching the 8 o’clock plane out of Paris. So it could have been worse, at least they knew where my luggage was! And no worries, don’t think I didn’t call the airport 20 times to make sure it got here!

So without my luggage we got an Uber and headed to our Airbnb! Since the host could not be there to meet us she left our keys in the pub across the street!! Loving Prague already! Haha! The pub actually turned out to be the coolest and we made a reservation for dinner later this week! Can’t to wait to write all about it! It’s medieval!!

Our Airbnb is amazing!! The location is perfection and it’s in a historic building that has been converted into cute little apartments! Check out our front door and a bit of the ceiling!! I die for that little missing piece of plaster that reveals the artwork beneath!

We arrived at our apartment around 4 and once we got settled we headed out to explore the area and get some dinner! We are literally steps away from the Prague Castle! The sunsets at 5:30 so in the pictures it looks really late but it’s really only 6:00.

After dinner we came back to our apartment and started figuring out our schedule for the week. We decided on lots of exploring Prague, a day trip to Karlovy Vary, and since we are so close to Austria we decided to take the train to Salzburg for two nights!!!!!!! Bavarian Alps, Christmas Markets, and The Sound of Music! Can’t wait!

For our first full day we decided it was best to walk to the train station to purchase tickets and on our way we would get to explore Lesser Town and Old Town Prague! We slept in quite late so everywhere was packed with tourist but we still got some great photos! The weather is mostly overcast this time but it’s not too cold! It did rain twice but by coincidence, we were inside both times!

Right outside our apartment in Lesser Town.

Erica and I couldn’t resist being tourist and we got ourselves a Trdelník!

Next up was Charles Bridge! 😍

e Astronomical Clock! It's the third oldest in the world and was built in 1410! So cool!

's under construction and I think it's so funny that they put up banners with pictures of what it should look like to cover up all the scaffolding!

d Town Square is beautiful but it was packed with people and street performers.

asna Brana

made it to the train station and got our tickets! We took a different way back and that wove through some cute little streets and a park down by the Vltava River.

e doors in Prague are amazing so of course we had to take pictures in front of them all!

got a late lunch in Lesser Town at Bohemia Bagel! So good! Hot Blueberry Lemonade! Sounds terrible but it is fresh and so not terrible!! We then got back and as soon as we did the man with my luggage arrived! He didn't call like he was supposed to because he didn't speak English so the fact that he arrived right when we did after a day out in the city was an incredible coincidence! I almost hugged the man I was so excited!

ter a little bit of time in the apartment warming up and finally a change of clothes for me we ventured out to go pick up dinner. I got goulash, it was amazing and the restaurant was the cutest! Oh and one more picture of me, in front of a door, looking like a local with my take out! That's a wrap for day one!

morrow! Karlovy Vary! With quite a good chance of snow!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from safe harbor. Catch trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

10 thoughts on “Walking Around Prague

  1. Outstanding pictures and text!!!!!!!! I want to know more about Trdelnik – a pastry ice cream “cone”? Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the journey, 💗♊️, A. Rosalie

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    1. Thanks Aunt Rosalie!

      They were pretty good! I couldn’t eat the whole thing because it was too sweet. Mine was just frosted with pistachio cream but Erica got one that looked much more like an ice cream cone and it was filled with Nutella and strawberries!


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