Karlovy Vary

Erica and I woke up early and made the trek to the Praha Florenc station to get on our bus to Karlovy Vary. I’m not very good at looking both ways when I cross the street and Erica keeps telling me I’m going to get hit by a car! Ha!

But luckily not today! We made it safely to the station and were even able to get a quick bite to eat! We used RegioJet and loved it! Minus the part where I was standing too close to the bus when the luggage door opened and the driver didn’t tell me I needed to move so, the door swung open and sent me flying into the crowd of people waiting to get on the bus! Haha! Evil man!

The bus ride was great! Comfy seat, place to charge the phone, hot drinks, smooth, and a little tv screen! When we first arrived, we were pretty confused on where to go and we got lost in the most wonderful place! What a happy mistake with the most beautiful views! For anyone wondering: the bus drops you off on the edge of town and it’s about a 20 minute walk to Old Town from there!

We finally figured out how to get down into Old Town and it’s just the best, most charming and romantic little town I’ve ever been to! It’s straight out of a fairy tale!

The town is centered over hot springs so there are luxury spa hotels everywhere. There are also springs and fountains everywhere around town shooting out hot water!

We also were able to walk by the Grand Pupp Hotel which is the nicest one in Karlovy Vary, where all the celebrities stay! It’s beautiful and check out all the special bricks!

We also decided to ride the funicular (cable car) up the mountain side to the Diana Observation Tower! So cool to see the little town from so far above! But it was freezing!!

We took the 3:00 train back into Prague, it took just over 2 hours. A fantastic day trip! To the most charming town!

Tomorrow more Prague!

“The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him.”

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