The Monastery

I’m back! To finish up the last few days of my Europe trip! Things have been a little crazy since getting back and I’ve struggled to get the last few post up!

Taylor said I’m going to start losing subscribers if I don’t finish 😂😂

So I last left off in Salzburg, Austria.

So the following day our train left back to Prague at 2 in the afternoon. We planned it this way so we could have a little bit more time in Salzburg and we wanted to make the most of it!

We started with our favorite place for breakfast, Back Werk. When you walk in there are a whole bunch of displays filled with pastries, bread, pretzels, juices, teas and sandwiches. We ate our pastries right up and headed out on our little self-guided Sound of Music tour of Salzburg!

It started on the other side of the river so we had to cross a pedestrian bridge. This bridge was pretty cool, in the fact that, it was completely covered with locks! These locks are placed on the chain link fence by couples who then throw the keys into the river below, this is to symbolize their unbreakable love. #romantic #isuppose

Then we were onto our first official stop of the day: Mirabell Palace.

After our fun frolicking around Mirabell Palace we decided to take the advice of another blogger, The Wandering Wanderluster, and head to a rather unknown overlook in the city.

The trek up to the overlook, which ended up being a monastery, was quite steep! I’m pretty sure my legs are still sore!

The view from the monastery was indescribable and there were only a couple of other people up there enjoying it. The pictures do the view no justice. We spent well over and hour just staring out over the city and the mountains. I couldn’t get over the beauty of the fortress, which is over 1500 years old, next to all the beautiful mountains. The sunlight just made everything that much more mesmerizing!

We knew our train was leaving soon so we needed to make our way back to the station. So we headed back down a magical back alley staircase. Crossed over Mozart’s Bridge. Stopped to take a few pictures here and there. Swung by the Markets one last time to pick up the most delicious tea, then we picked up our luggage and took a taxi to the train station!

We got to the train station, picked up a snack for the ride home and made it back to Prague around 9! Side note: check out all the delicious bread at the train station market! There is bread everywhere in Europe!! Love!!!

“Wherever you go, it becomes a part of you, somehow.”

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