Final Day in Prague

On our last day Erica and I made a point to wake up early to make the most out of our it!

Our first stop was the dancing house on the other side of town! It’s pretty cool, can you see the couple dancing?

Then we rounded back down over the bridge through the park where we stumbled across a pretty cool art installation.

I read up about these creepy babies when we got back to apartment and the artist who created them is named, David Cerny. They are meant to be a symbol of the communist era and a reminder about how totalitarian rule stifles growth and progress. He has other art pieces across the city and when I go back I would like to see them! Seeing these actually led me to do a lot of research on Prague’s history. We were actually in Prague when they were celebrating the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and end of the 41 years of one-party communist rule! Reading up on all this history made me pretty proud to have Czech ancestry.

Next we stopped by another landmark in the city, the Lennon Wall. Which all started back in the 1980s as a way for activist to speak out against communist rule. It has been around ever since serving as a place for peace and inspiration.

Our next stop was a cute little bagel shop where we got to warm up with some tea and had a nice breakfast! Here’s me just looking the coolest scrolling through my phone! 😂

After breakfast we went back to the apartment to pack our things and to take a nap before going back out for the day! I made sure to snap some pictures of our awesome Prague apartment! Still trying to find out more information on this historic place.

After our nap we went out to for an early dinner and to check out some more sights! We were walking towards the Jewish Quarter when we saw this restaurant that is actually a boat floating on the river. They don’t do cruises but the views were great and the food was delicious. Some of the tables were family style and we ended up sitting with some pretty interesting people; a Finn and a Swede! We ended up spending the rest of the evening visiting with them, pretty cool to hear what they think about America and how their upbringing was similar but so different then ours!

We had a great time on our walk home, once again getting to experience a relatively quiet tourist free Prague is the absolute best!

We got back to the apartment pretty late because we just didn’t want our trip to end and we were trying to get the most out of our last few hours! We took a quick nap and we’re on our way to the airport at 4 AM! Prague was absolutely wonderful to us and I can’t wait to bring Taylor back! Still so many things left on my to do list!

The flight back was great! KLM is the only way to go, incredible customer service! I had a layover in Amsterdam, if the city is half as cool as the airport then I need go ASAP! And check out these trash cans! They are like this all over Europe, get with it America!

While I was walking around the plane because, 9 hours in the air is too long to sit, I met some more pretty cool and interesting people! Someone from The Netherlands and another from Scotland! And I’m currently watching Outlander so that was all I could think about well I was talking to him! Check out my double decker plane!

“I knew what I wanted. I wanted to see the world.”

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