Star Party, Davis Mountains & Marfa

I’m back for another adventure! This time it’s in Far West Texas with Taylor and THREE dogs! And yes, you heard right, Taylor is actually going on an adventure with me!

We left Friday afternoon and headed to Kerrville, TX, the halfway point. We camped in the Walmart parking lot! And as usual it was perfect and so convenient!

We woke up the next morning and headed to the Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine where we would be spending two nights of our trip! It is a great little campground in a cool desert town! Friendly people, clean amenities and great views of the surrounding mountains.

The night we got there I had booked tickets to a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory! We didn’t really know what to expect but, I had heard good things and I knew this area of Texas was one of the best in the country for stargazing since it has such a little amount of light pollution. #perservedarkskies

The drive there was beautiful! The sun was setting over the mountains and it made for a beautiful scene! I swear I didn’t put a filter on this picture!! 😍

It was the weirdest thing driving up to the observatory and walking through the parking lot up to the buildings. There was no outside lighting whatsoever! I’m already extremely clumsy and the lack of lighting wasn’t doing me any favors! This way, the dark sky is preserved and allows for optimal viewing but it was so weird, wasn’t expecting that! I didn’t realize how bright, nighttime is in Houston with all the street lamps and porch lights! I knew I couldn’t really see any stars but I didn’t realize just how bad it really is. Once we got up to the building we followed a red lit pathway to the amphitheater and the telescope park! Check out our selfie!

Unfortunately, there was some cloud cover and a lot of stars and star systems were in-viewable! They offered to give people their money back if they chose but, Taylor and I decided to stay! Luckily, with their powerful telescopes we could see the moon and if you know me you know I have an affinity for the moon! So we made our way around to the different visitor telescopes to look at different features of the moon! One of the little craters we were looking at was 70 miles long! It was crazy to think about what that meant in proportion to the rest of the features on moon! At a couple of the telescopes we were actually able to see some star systems which was cool! It was a very, very cold but, very fun night!

Here are some pictures I screen grabbed from the McDonald Observatory website so you can see what the telescope park looks like! They had smaller telescopes spread all around so we got to look through those in addition to the 3 bigger ones housed in the observatories! There actual research telescopes are SIGNIFICANTLY bigger and up on the tops of the surrounding mountains!

Our next day we took the pups to Davis Mountain State Park! It was so much fun! Our little trail dogs did fantastic on the steep 5 mile hike! Astro, our foster dog did amazing too! The views were grand and the weather was perfect!

Gonzo doesn’t do the best downhill on leash. He is very determined and is a little too quick for me. He does so great uphill but, between his force and all the loose rock on the trail I kept on tripping and almost busting my face open. So we made the decision to take him off leash and per usual we were so impressed! His new nickname is #TrailBoss! He led the way perfectly, never got too far ahead and always turning around to check on us. His little trot was hysterical and when we would call his name he would turn to look at us and do this little half step creep walk until we got closer! He had us laughing so hard. Anytime we walked by someone he just blew past them – he was on a mission! We love our Trail Boss!

After our hike we drove around the gorgeous park for a little bit!

On our way back for the evening we decided to stop in Marfa to get a bite to eat and to see if its really as cool of a place as everyone says! Well I’m not sure if cool is the right word but more of weird! Weird in a good way though! Marfa is a little desert town in the middle on nowhere and it’s known for its art!

Because it was Christmas Eve it was a little bit of a ghost town! There was ONE restaurant open and it was in the coolest hotel, The St. George! All of Marfa is extremely dog friendly but it seemed the only dogs that were there were doodles! So we were in good company! Our 3 met about 15 other doodles in the span of 20 minutes while we were waiting for our food. Guess we aren’t super original in regards to choice in dog breed!

After lunch we went around Marfa looking at all the cool art work! Enjoy all my hipster photos! Definitely would like to go back when more places are open.

After Marfa it was back to the campground! On our way we saw actual tumbleweeds blowing across the road! Finally!! When I moved here 9 years ago I thought this would be a daily occurrence!

“When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure there is plenty to watch”

8 thoughts on “Star Party, Davis Mountains & Marfa

  1. Very cool Sara! Beautiful in a different way! Not a lot of green but the mountains are cool! I bet the observatory would be very cool on a clear night! Kind of like Crater Lake when you and Tami were there and when you and I were there😊! So awesome that you and Taylor were able to go do this together ❤️😘

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