Boquillas & The Window

For the next installment of our adventure Taylor and I once again woke up early and headed into the National Park! I highly recommend getting there early, we got there between 7 and 8 everyday. When we were leaving around 2, there were always lines waiting to get in.

Our first stop of the day, Boquillas Canyon Trail, was on the complete other side of the park from where we were staying. It took about 1.5 hours to get there; Big Bend is about the size of Connecticut! Whoa!

Some clouds moved in over night and as we drove up through the mountains visibility got worse and the temperature dropped significantly. I was pretty worried the weather wouldn’t work out for us. However, once we started descending the clouds began to clear a bit but, the temperature was still pretty low and the wind made it feel even colder!

As we were pulling up at the trailhead we could see the little town of Boquillas, Mexico (little, as in, so little they have don’t even have electricity!) across the river and we got to see some wild horses!!!

We pulled up to the trailhead and started off on our hike! It started with some switchbacks, had a beautiful view at the top and then we descended down some more switchbacks and hiked along the river into the canyon. Completely different than yesterday’s canyon hike but just as beautiful! Too bad Taylor and I could barely see any of it; the tears streaming down our face from the extreme wind was blurring our vision! Ha! 😭😭

After our hike we headed to the famed Chisos Basin. The Chisos Mountains are the biggest mountains in the park. We headed back into the clouds and as we climbed higher and higher it opened up to beautiful blue skies and warmer temps! The mountain peaks sticking out of the clouds were so magical. Unfortunately, no picture was able to capture the beauty!

We decided to check out the lodge and get lunch! The food was delicious and the views were amazing!

After lunch we headed out onto the trail I was most excited about, The Window!!

Taylor was not looking forward to this hike as it was a little longer than he prefers and the elevation change is just under 1000 feet; so that meant it’d be pretty steep!

As soon as we started descending down into the basis we saw two deer about 10 feet away from us!! So cool! Great way to start out a hike! We continued descending into the basin with the beautiful, colorful mountains all around us!

Towards the end of the trail you enter into a narrow canyon which abruptly ends at a pour off. You have to climb around on some manmade stairs, jump over some pools of water and maneuver over and around some logs and boulders! My favorite, so fun! At the end, the canyon walls form what it know as The Window. From this vantage point, which is actually a extremely steep drop off, you can see a pretty cool looking cracked mountain peak, the vast desert and the mountain range beyond that! Breathtaking!!

When we got home from our wonderful day hiking we cooked up some dinner and took the pups on a nice long walk and they got to romp around in the dirt! Another beautiful sunset that led into a beautiful night sky filled with a million stars! 😍

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

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