Foster Friday

As many of you know in 2017 Taylor and I started fostering dogs. After Hurricane Harvey we were wanting to help and we saw a post on IDOG’s Facebook group (this is the organization we adopted our Gonzo through) saying they were looking for fosters in the area. Taylor and I filled out the application that night and have been fostering on and off ever since.

It’s one of the hardest things we’ve done and has caused us to shed many tears both in joy and in happiness. We’ve enjoyed being a part of each dogs journey to their forever home. It sounds cheesy but, each dog holds a very special place in our heart. Each foster has been uniquely their own with their own quirks and personality. And each has presented a new challenge. IDOG is a great community and we are proud to be a part of it!

Taylor and I keep asking each other when we are going to get one we don’t like and that’s when we decided that there isn’t a dog in existence that unlikeable. Well, Sophie might disagree with that statement. 🤣

This brings me to a text I got earlier this week from my sister, Tami, asking if I was documenting our foster dogs; their stories, their time with us and about their futures once they leave us. I told her I wasn’t and that everything was already starting to blend together. We talked a little about making blog posts about it and if I did what I should include. We decided on naming it Foster Friday because, who doesn’t love an alliteration? It won’t be a regular thing because we don’t always have a foster dog but, when we do I will make sure to update y’all!

For the next THREE weeks I will post about the three fosters we’ve had thus far: Beau, Astro and Briggs!

In each post I will share:


Time in our care

How they ended up with us




Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts

A funny story and


Hope everyone enjoys!!

8 thoughts on “Foster Friday

  1. I love that you’re doing this, Sara. I look forward to reading the stories. I’ve read many of your blogs in the past about your travels and they bring a smile to my face because they’re so interesting plus you have a unique style of writing. You are one special young lady. 🐶💖🐶

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  2. So wish I had done this. I have fostered for Dog and DRC since 2009 and as you said they all start to run together. I have kept file folders on each one, but did not summarize each dog’s experience. Will love to keep up with you.

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    1. That’s awesome! I can only imagine how many fosters you’ve had if you’ve been doing it for so long! Glad my sister brought it to my attention early enough so that I can remember enough of the details!


  3. That’s such an awesome idea because it’s true that after awhile the memories of the time spent with you blend. I should’ve done this right away ( at least for my viewing ) so I could look back. You’re right, at times challenging, heart breaking but also the best feeling when they find their forever home & you had a part in that journey . I always shed happy & sad tears as they move on. Happy they have their own secure loving home but sad because I’m going to miss them.

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