Foster Friday with Astro

Name: Astro (his adoptive parents changed his name to Luke!)

Time in our care: 6 weeks

How he ended up with us: I saw a post on IDOG’s volunteer group asking if anyone would we be interested in fostering this doodle-like dog. His white paw and sweet face pulled at my heartstrings and later that night he was at home with us!

History: Astro was found as a stray in Liberty and was on a stray hold at their rural shelter. One of IDOG’s awesome members saw him and experienced his sweet disposition and knew he’d make an incredible dog.

Personality: Sweet. Kind. Cute. Playful. Loving. Lovable. Cautious. Gentle. Passionate about sleeping. Adventurous. Low key. Perfect. He’s got the biggest head that you just can’t help but kiss and scratch. And the prettiest, whitest teeth! And for real though, he loves to sleep.

Adventures: Astro was the perfect dog to have with us on all our holiday adventures. When we first got Astro he spent the first week under our dining room table taking everything in, sleeping and healing. He came to us underweight, with two severe ear infections, hookworms, and several cuts and bumps all over his body. He was exhausted and no one knows how long he was in his own. It took him a good month to figure out treats were a good thing! Poor puppy! And he didn’t even know what to do with the bully stick we have him for Christmas. 😢

Eventually, he came out from under the table and met us all! He immediately felt like part of the family. He handled every new situation we put him in with grace. His first big adventure was to Big Bend where he got to meet a lot of new people and fur friends! He also got to go on some awesome hikes and did so incredibly well, one would have thought him to be a veteran hiker. He loved hanging out underneath the camper and did so well sharing one big dog bed with Sophie and Gonzo.

Astro’s other big adventure was to Austin! He got to take a walk on Lady Bird Lake, play at the off leash dog park and he even got to go out to eat with us! Such a well behaved pup!

We took him for a ride on the side x side through the neighborhood!

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: Sophie loved him instantly, I think she sensed that he had lived a hard life before coming to us so she went easy on him. Gonzo was kind, as always. They all had a blast wrestling every evening!

Funny story: Astro loves to sleep, anywhere at anytime. His favorite spot to nap ended up being on TOP of his kennel! We all couldn’t help but laugh when we discovered him doing this! A day later we had a copy cat! 🤣 Brat!

I will let the video speak for itself.

The most comical thing about Astro, by far, was his bathroom habits! Where he poo’d always gave us a good laugh! The side of a tree, a rock, a branch on the sidewalk! Here is a picture sorry if it’s TMI! Just too funny to not include!

Adopters: The perfect family adopted Astro, now Luke. He now has two amazing parents, an older fur sister and a playful older fur brother. He living the good life in Galveston where he gets to romp with his brother, go on daily walk, and guards the streets in front of his home from the comfy cushions of a couch!

We love you Astro. You hold an incredibly special place in our hearts. You fit into our family so well and we are missing a piece of our hearts without you here. We are so happy you landed the perfect family! You deserve nothing but the best.

Told you he loves to sleep.

8 thoughts on “Foster Friday with Astro

  1. What a Fantastic story. Loved reading this. I’m surprised y’all didnt keep him. But so glad he has a good home. Y’all have him his life back He s so very blessed because of what y’all do. To save these precious pups

    Liked by 1 person

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