Foster Friday with Briggs

Name: Briggs aka Big Baby Briggs aka Big Boy Briggs (once he learned to potty outside) aka Brave Briggs aka BBB aka Triple B

Time in our care: just shy of 2 weeks

How they ended up with us: I heard he needed a home for a few days while IDOG worked on getting him placed. He looked identical to Sophia so we couldn’t say no.

History: Briggs was picked up as a stray in Brazoria with, what we think to be, his littermate, Ghost. Briggs was in foster care with IDOG the entire month of January before he came to us. He came to us neutered thank goodness!

Adventure: For a number of reasons we weren’t able to go on any adventures with Briggs. The first night Briggs was with us Taylor and I noticed he was having a hard time getting up from laying down, that his gait was a little stiff and that he walked with a certain swagger. We called the vet shortly after too see, when we brought him in the following week to get his booster shot, if they could also check out his back legs.

Over the next week we played in the backyard, went on walks, practiced a number of commands and worked on potty training! He didn’t appear to be in any pain.

Unfortunately, when we took him in for his shots our suspicions were confirmed; hip dysplasia. We needed x-rays to be certain and to see to what extent.

A couple days later Briggs went in to get x-rays where it was discovered he had two broken hips and would need double FHO surgery.

A couple of days after that we found ourselves in the truck driving to Dallas to drop him off at his new foster home where he will be staying throughout his recovery. They are amazing, have the time to care for him and are experienced in aiding a dog while recovering from FHO surgery. A fundraiser was started and Briggs got his surgery funded in record time!

Fast forward another couple of days to when Briggs is going in to get his double FHO. Turns out the hip dysplasia is worse than we thought and because it’s so severe it has caused his hips to slowly break over time. We also discovered the he has misshapen femurs and possible damage to his ACLs. Poor Briggs.

It will take a few surgeries to get him living a pain free life but, we have a lot of faith it is possible. It has been such a tear-filled journey with you, Briggs. Hopefully, you were just an accident by an uneducated person who doesn’t spay/neuter their dogs. I would hate to know that you are a result of bad breeding and that you were just one of many dogs tossed to the curb because of human greed.

Its been a rollercoaster of emotions and I am more dedicated than ever to improving animal welfare. To living a life of purpose, where I don’t knowingly contribute to the suffering of sentient beings.

Personality: Lover of toys and of frolicking around the backyard. Huge, like, really big! Towers over Sophie and Gonzo! A big nerd. Lovable. Dopey. Goofy. A dork. Doesn’t know how to play it cool, at all. Timid. Brave. A scaredy cat. Clumsy. Geeze, I love this dog.

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: Sophie doesn’t like having a dog that looks just like her in the house. Gonzo isn’t a fan of having a dog twice as tall as him in the house. Good thing Briggs was oblivious to their thoughts and is a big slobbery, lover!!

Funny story: Everyday was a funny day with this goofball. Literally, everything he did made us laugh! Where to begin???

Falling into the pool

Clumsily wrestling with Sophia and Gonzo

Flinging his toys up into the air and not catching them like he clearly thought he could!

Escaping from his kennel, so much peeeeeeeeeeeee

How he woke us up with his wet nose on our face every morning

Sneaking into the shower, boopping our butts and sneaking out before we could even turn around!

We miss seeing you play, by yourself, with your toys for a solid hour every morning and night!

Adopters: Briggs isn’t adopted yet but one day he will be placed in the most perfect home that will take incredible care of him. He deserves nothing but the best and I just feel so blessed to have been able to provide him with love and care for 2 weeks. It’s crazy how attached Taylor and I can get to a dog in such a short period of time.

Love you Brave Briggs!! You really are a very special soul.

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