Foster Friday with Charlie

Name: Charlie

Time in our care: 1 day

How he ended up in our care: A fellow rescue, CAMO, heard about him. Maria saw the post and asked if we were close. We drove the 10 minutes and picked him up.

History: Charlie was in pretty rough shape, old, blind, shaky, rotten teeth. Poor guy! But happy as could be and loved his food!

Adventure: No adventures for Charlie except to the vet and his foster home.

Personality: Cuddle bug. Curious. Taylor and I always give our dogs voices, we imagine his is an old, drunk man. So we have been acting like he’s been lecturing all of us, “Listen here, sonny, I could be your grandfather. Out of my way.” << Charlie talking to Gonzo as he stumbles between Gonzo’s legs.

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thought: Sophie showed zero interest in Charlie. Gonzo was really inquisitive and then decided he couldn’t care less. LOL

Adopters: To be determined! We were just a short stop before he went to his more permanent foster parents!

Love you sweet Charlie! Enjoy your retirement buddy!

Funny story: Got an update from his foster parents that I just have to share 🤣🤣 see video below!

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