Tent Rocks

Spring Break 2018!!! Santa Fe, New Mexico!! Girls trip!

Kayleigh and I arrived in the high desert early Saturday evening! We were greeted by our wonderful Airbnb host. The sanctuary she has created is absolutely gorgeous and eclectic. It’s surrounded by a beautiful garden she has clearly worked years creating. I can only imagine how picturesque it is in the summer months when everything is in bloom! And there is nothing better than being able to see mountains in every direction you look!

The first thing Kayleigh and I did after we unpacked was hit up the nearest co-op, La Montañita Co-op! Why can we not get one of these in Houston?! Grocery shopping at a good store is one of my favorite things to do and I always make sure to hit up the cool ones in any town I visit!

We came back, made dinner, had some wine and watched an Alfred Hitchcock film, Rear Window! So good! Good way to end a Sunday! I went to bed early since I was pretty wore out from the 13 hour drive.

We started Monday off slow because it is Spring Break after all! We watched some Fixer Upper, I drank tea and got ready for our hike in the Jemez Mountains on the Cochiti Reservation!

The drive to the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument was great! We got a good look at Santa Fe, got to drive by the Galisteo Dam and saw some wild horses!

Once we got to the monument we were checked in by the friendliest park ranger ever and then made our way to the trailhead.

The hike was fantastic! Our end goal was to the top of this! 🤩

Just after we started, the clouds cleared and we could see the sun and blue skies peaking through!

About a half mile in we entered into the slot canyon!! I love hiking through canyons!!

As we were hiking through the canyons we started being able to see all the Tent Rocks! Erosion at its finest!

After we made our way through the canyons the elevation quickly started to increase as we entered into the “steep section”. It was so fun to climb over all the rocks! I have so much fun trying to figure out where to put my feet to make my way up!

However, I almost died on the way up! I couldn’t catch my breath for the life of me!! What the what?! Normally, I don’t really ever struggle with climbing but, I just couldn’t get it together! My struggle was made extra funny because Kayleigh wasn’t struggling at all! Apparently, the altitude was kicking my butt! Living at sea level doesn’t really prepare you for 8,000 feet, I guess! Ha!

The views up top were so worth the personal pain and I am so grateful that I am able to do this! I’m so thankful to be happy and healthy!

The hike down was great and it was nice to actually be able to take in the scenery! I love being surrounded by mountains! Really nothing makes me happier!

I also want to note that this park was by far the cleanest, most well taken care of park I’ve ever been too! It’s clear the rangers take great pride in maintaining this national treasure.

Another day well spent in the desert! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places to be!

After Tent Rocks we stopped by Jacklope which, is a massive store where you can buy any and everything that has to do with the Southwest! Blankets, rugs, ponchos, pottery, pillows, woven baskets, jewelry and more! 😱😱 Proud is myself for not buying anything! You’re welcome Taylor! But we still have 5 more days…

“Nature gives. Give back.”

6 thoughts on “Tent Rocks

  1. Awesome pictures! My mom (Mimi) really enjoys your text and photos.
    Uncle Jim enjoyed our trips to Albuquerque, taking a side trip to Santa Fe was a special treat!
    Altitude is quite an adjustment for both humans and show horses!!!! 😎. Nothing to ignore.
    Enjoy ! Stay safe! 💗♊️🍀, A. Rosalie

    Liked by 1 person

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