Santa Fe is located in the high desert at 7,000 ft above sea level and is completely surrounded by mountains. Upon arrival I immediately noticed that there are a few peaks that are still snow covered. After some research I found out that the highest peak,Wheeler Peak, in all of New Mexico is only a mere 2 hour drive from where we are staying!

So on Wednesday, we decided to make the drive up into the mountains to Taos Ski Valley where that peak is located. I had it written down on the activity list I made for this trip and after talking to our waiter from Second Street we knew this was a must hike destination!

Our waiter gave us some tips on the routes that we should take there! The high road through the mountains or the low road through the desert and over the Rio Grande Gorge.

To get there I took the high road through the mountains. The drive was beautiful and I can only imagine what it would look like when everything is in bloom. I must admit though, it’s tough to see desert mountains. I much prefer pine tree covered mountains.

Well lucky for me, we turned a corner and BOOM! The whole landscape changed! Lush green pine tree covered mountains and a beautiful mountain stream! 😍😍

We climbed higher and higher into the mountains and then we saw snow! Next thing we knew, we were in the middle of Taos Ski Valley and boy was it packed! #springbreak2018

The ski hills were amazing and as we continued up the winding road to the Williams Lake trailhead (Four wheel drive only! Taylor would be proud!) we got to see all the ski lodges and homes!

We got to the trailhead and headed up the mountain! The trail actually started on a ski run so we were passed by some skiers and snowboarders off the bat and passed The Bavarian Restaurant where some were enjoying lunch out on the patio!

Then the hard work started. The whole path was snow covered. Luckily, the snow was packed but, if you got off, your foot sunk into snow up to your shin! The path was also uphill the entire time. The slippery snow combined with the high altitude made it one of the most difficult hikes I’ve ever done!

We had some trail dogs to help us along in a few sections! It was so fun to see everyone’s dogs running around on the trail having a blast!

The views on the way up were incredible!

Then we arrived at the most breathtaking view of all! Williams Lake! The lake was obviously frozen over!

Kayleigh and I spent some time just enjoying the beauty. We decided not to hike the extra 2,000 ft up to Wheeler Peak. So we headed back down the mountain slipping and sliding all the way!

After our hike we headed to Eske’s Brew Pub and Eatery in the actual city of Taos, not the ski valley. We enjoyed delicious food and drinks out on the patio with all the other spring breakers!

We took the low road through the desert home as the sun was setting. Drove over the Rio Grand Gorge. Then we rounded a corner and saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve have ever seen in my life. We pulled over and watched the sunset and then made it safely back to the compound! Ain’t no sunset like a desert sunset.

New Mexico has been good to us!

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right.”

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