Foster Friday with Sadie

I am back for Foster Friday! I am a few puppies behind so, hopefully Foster Friday will happen for the next several weeks! For this Friday we will be honoring Miss Sadie!

Name: Sadie aka Crazy Sadie aka Sadie Girl, she now goes by the name Olive

Time in our care: One wild week!

How Sadie ended up with us: Sadie was only about 6 months old when we got her. She had popped around to several different homes and was in and out of foster care before she got to us. Taylor and I were in Austin for a weekend trip and Sadie was in a temporary foster situation so, we picked her up and brought her home with us.

History: Sadie is the most beautiful puppy dog that I have ever met. However, she has quite the wild side. Hence, why she had been in so many different homes.

Adventure: Sadie’s biggest adventure was her trip to Houston from Austin and then back again a week later!

Personality: Have I mentioned Sadie is a wild child. She loves to play and has a mind of her own. She is smarter than any dog that I have ever met and knows just how to manipulate a situation to her advantage. She is absolutely in love with men and wanted nothing to do with me. Taylor was her pride and joy and she followed him around everywhere.

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: They weren’t fans. Gonzo was still super sweet though, per usual. Luckily, Sadie could have cared less about Sophie and Gonzo. Although check out the funny picture below where Sadie is attempting to hold Sophie’s hand 😂But I’m serious when I say all she cared about was Taylor!

Funny story: Sadie was a trip and I have two stories that stick out as funny in my head. Not because they were comical but, because I didn’t know else what to do but laugh.

  1. For those of you who don’t know: Taylor and I are getting an exchange students this coming school year (Hi Jana!!!!) One of the final steps in the process to get approved to be a host family is a home visit. This allows them to see if you have a safe, clean and welcoming home to offer the student. Well Sadie was with us when the man came to do our home visit. Prior to his visit I warned him about our crazy foster dog, he said he was very comfortable with dogs so it wouldn’t be an issue. Fast forward, 1 minute into his arrival. Sadie is jumping all over him and scratches him on his hand where he already has a cut. She reopened the wound! Blood and band-aids! Taylor and I thought for sure we wouldn’t get approval! #notsafe LOL Luckily, he was able to see past that and gave us his approval! And now Jana should be here in August!
  2. I would say her funniest story would be when she first was introduced to her new adoptive family. After not hearing her bark, really at all, when she was under our care she decided to find her voice as soon as they walked in the door. She barked at them non-stop for the entire hour and after all that they still wanted her! Clearly, she landed the perfect home!

A couple of other truly funny memories are how Sadie would stalk Gonzo very slow and steady like a wild predator before chasing him down! Ha! Goofball! The other is how Sadie would eat — again, wild animal style. She would devour her food as though she’d never eaten in her life! Kibble would be all over the kitchen floor when she was done!

Adopters: As I mentioned, Sadie (now Olive) landed the most perfect home in Austin. She has an older doodle sister named Rynn. What caught our attention about this family is how much they love their current doodle and how determined they were incorporate Sadie into their family! Rynn and her are both adjusting well!

You were crazy Sadie and took us for one wild ride! I’m glad Taylor loved you as much as you loved him 🤣

4 thoughts on “Foster Friday with Sadie

  1. Awe, what a sweetie! She sounds like she had lots of energy! Your fosters are so lucky to have had you both in their lives💕💙💜

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