Journey to the Mitten & Davison – My Hometown!

Got out of work on Tuesday, June 5th, headed home, hooked up the trailer and headed north! My first stop was a really special one! I had to take a little detour to get there but it was all worth it! I got to meet up with one of my favorite fosters, Briggs. His family was on vacation so his former foster family was dog sitting! He now goes by a new name: Mr. Handsome, his new owners said Handsome was the only name he would respond to, how fitting! 🤣🤣

It was a quick little stop but it was so fun to see him and give him some big hugs and kisses! He is recovering so well from his hip surgery and it was wonderful to see him playing with Sophia and Gonzo!

Thanks Debbie for letting me stop by and showing me some awesome hospitality!

After hanging out with Briggs I drove a few more hours to a Wal-mart in Texarkana where I got to camp out. The following day brought me up into the suburbs of Chicago where I again camped out at a Wal-mart! I love it! Some people think I’m crazy and that it’s dangerous but there are so many other campers there and I have never felt unsafe. It’s well lit and I’ve always been able to park next to a grassy area!

On my third day of travel I finally made it to the mitten! I parked my camper at my Aunt Rosalie’s farm and then headed to my parents house!

It was so nice being at home with my mom and dad! Kati and Tami also got to come home because we were throwing Tami a baby shower!

The baby shower was fiesta themed, my mom, Kati and I had a fun time planning it! It was good seeing and visiting with family and friends at the shower!

Like the decorations? They are for sale! Let me know! 🤣

While in town I made a point to try out all the new restaurants that I have never been to since I left 9 years ago. It was so cool to see how the town and surrounding areas have grown! We ate some great food at some great places: The Laundry, White Horse Inn, Bear Soup Deli, Crust and Woodchips. Every place was fantastic! Any recommendations for next time I go?

I also made a point to get out on the walking paths everyday. Over the course of several years Davison has created a whole trail system throughout the town, it’s a wide, paved path that is beautifully maintained! It connects to everything in town from the high school, to all the parks to the farmers market and beyond. It is so nice to be in a town that cares enough to invest in such an extensive network of walking paths. It has really created a sense of community, encourages a healthy lifestyle and its always fun to see a familiar face!

That’s its for Davison! Next stop Marquette!

#9 – My hometown. I’m thankful I was raised in a small little town in Michigan.

#10 – Michigan. Lots of cities (Flint and Detroit) are often portrayed in a negative light but these towns and thus state overall is wonderful. So many good people who are making a positive difference who are proud to be Michigan made, everywhere you look there is such beauty and so many FRESH water lakes! There is something to be said about the resilience these communities have shown.

#11 – Tea.

#12 – Summer. I love long summer days and get this! The sunrises here at 6 AM and sets at 10 PM. I had forgotten how long the summer days are in the north!

#13 – Ability to have the windows open in the summer 🤣

#14 – My Aunts. I grew up in a family that was pretty close and have got to spend time with several of my Aunts. I appreciate them so much now that I’m going to be Aunt! Can’t wait to form that special relationship with my niece/nephew!

#15 – My Uncles. While I’m at it I should also mention I had some really great uncles too!

8 thoughts on “Journey to the Mitten & Davison – My Hometown!

  1. Reading this makes me so happy ❤️ It was so wonderful having you, Kati and Tami home–all at the same time❤️ Love you, M❤️M


  2. Thankful for you & all our family. Always fun to see each other even though it isn’t often enough. Love reading your blogs and seeing the pics of the beautiful places you go.


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