Marquette, MI & Bridgefest

Hello all! I want to say how fun it was to read all your comments and emails about what you are thankful for! It was fun to read through them! Feel free to keep commenting on what you feel grateful for! It always puts a smile on my face to hear what others are feeling thankful for!

I took off from Davison early Tuesday morning! My Aunt Rosalie helped me hook up the camper and took a picture of me cruising down the express way behind her farm! Thanks Aunt Rosalie!

My trip from Davison (red star) to my next town of Marquette, Michigan (green star) took me from the lower peninsula to the upper peninsula! To get from one to the other you have to cross over the Mackinac Bridge (blue star) which is 5 miles long! Slightly terrifying as they were doing construction work on the paved side so I have to drive over the grated section! Where you can actually see the water below you! 🤢

We made it safety across but not before having a little photo session! So pretty! If you ever come to Michigan this area is a must see! There is a little island off the shore named Mackinac Island. No cars are allowed on the island, only horses and bikes! Very quaint and romantic!

Sadly, I was only able to spend one full day in Marquette. It is actually my favorite town in all of Michigan and I will move there one day. It has a rich history and is so picturesque. My favorite landmark in town is the Ore Dock located in lower harbor.

History lesson: Marquette once was the leading provider of iron ore and still has mines operating today. The way the Ore Dock works is by a train parking on top of it (so you would have to imagine at one point the tracks were elevated throughout the city and connected to the dock). Once in top, they unload the ore into the shoots on the sides of the dock. The barges which are situated below the shoots open up and deposit the ore onto the barge for transport. From there they cruise out into beautiful Lake Superior which allows them access to all the other lakes, Canada, and the ocean! Pretty cool! A few years ago we got to see the one outside of town, that is still operational, load a barge!

Sophie, Gonzo and I spent a lot of time just walking around Marquette. Downtown is beautiful and so are all the beaches! It was fun to see everyone out playing frisbee, biking, walking, swimming (brrrrr… too cold for me!), and just enjoying the perfect weather! Once again there is a massive trail system in and around town making it extremely walkable! It’s called the North Country National Scenic Trail!

I stayed at the Marquette Tourist Park, I would recommend this location. The people were friendly! I needed a lot of help backing up my trailer (too many trees for me to confidently do it on my own!) and I had several people willing to help! Thanks Louis!

After my too short but wonderful stay in Marquette I headed to the final stop of my trip, Houghton, Michigan (blue circle on map above). This is where I will be staying for the next month! My camp site backs right up to the gorgeous Portage Canal! It is connected to the walking trails that get you around town and it has a pretty awesome view of the lift bridge! It’s perfect and may be my favorite camp site ever! The host couple, Dan and Joan are awesome! They love my dogs and are really nice, helpful people!

My first activity in Houghton was the Bridgefest 5000 5K Run! I was so excited because part of the race is over the Lift Bridge!! Soooooo cool!!

Kati and I had a great time running the race and then celebrating at my favorite brewery afterwards, Keweenaw Brewing Company! HIGHLY recommend! They make my favorite beer, Widow Maker! 😋

Funny story: Kati and I couldn’t figure out why the race was called Bridgefest 5000 5K Run?! Why do they have the 5000 in there?!? I don’t understand? Is that suppose to make it sound cool??!!!

Kati realized several days later and then shared with me that 5K is short for 5000! Duhhhhh!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

#16 – My camper.

#17 – Wonderful fellow campers who are always more than happy to help me park. They always laugh at my joke about how I’m really good at parking in the pull-through spots! 😂

#18 – My gram! She is the only living grandparent and it was so good spending time with her when I was back home! Always cherish those moments.

#19 – Having a washer and dryer. Something you take for granted when you don’t have one available for your private use!

#20 – A bag full quarters! Refer to #19 🙄🙄 Thanks Taylor for saving them up for me!

#21 – Sunsets. Kati and I were talking last night about taking pictures of sunsets. I asked why do I keep taking pictures, they don’t do them any justice. There is just something so magical about them. I want to make a better point to watch more sunsets when I’m back home in Houston! Any good spots? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This looks like it was a really pretty place for a 5k! I used to do a lot of running but you just taught me something with that 5000 fact! 🙂

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