Delaware Copper Mine & The Breakers

I forgot to mention in my last post one of my favorite nights of the trip!

We all took a drive out to The Breakers (yellow star), where the canal opens up into Lake Superior on the westside of the peninsula. It is an absolutely perfect place to watch the sunset, run up and down the beach on the black, pebbled sand AND! of course no trip to the beach is complete without a little fetch for Gonzo!

The video is a must see! Gonzo is so majestic! I don’t think I could love him anymore!

The following day as Kati and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do on a cloudy and rain filled day, she exclaimed, “Rain or shine, it’s always clear in the mine!”

So that’s just where we went. No rain down in the mine! We had a few copper mines we could tour in the Keweenaw Peninsula as it is Copper Country! We decided to pick the Delaware Copper Mine (red star) as it is dog friendly! So yes, we brought all FIVE dogs down into the mine with us! Such a fun and unique experience! The host was fantastic! He even had his dog up front with him and get this, he has a pet skunk named, Oreo!! The self guided tour took us on a trek down and around the mine which was so fun! The mine is actually 9 stories below ground but, we could only explore the top most story because the other 8 are flooded. The mine is no longer in use and the water pumps are no longer needed so that means its all submerged! Pretty crazy to walk around the mine knowing that this was all done in the middle of the 1800’s. Which means most of it was done by man power and not machine. We read that the miners made .21 cents a day. Hard to believe that people travelled from all over the world to work so hard, for so little in these mines. Unfortunately, Delaware Copper Mine is considered a failure as the money they put into the mine exceeded that of which they made from it. After walking around down in the mine we got to tour the old ruins and check out some amazing views of the peninsula!Had to make one quick road side stop on the way home! Can you believe how much snow they get?! Sophie couldn’t either!That night the sky cleared up! Kati and I went on a walk to get some ice cream, enjoyed the Bridgefest activities and then got to watch a wonderful fireworks show right across the the canal from my campsite’s dock! Poor Gonzo spent some time cuddled up safely in the camper because he doesn’t like fireworks all that much.Right after Kati left to head home for the night, then the storm began.

More on that in my next post!

#22 – Space Heater. It gets cool at night up here on the water. Our camper has a heater but I just love our little space heater so much!

#23 – My campsite in Houghton. It’s perfect and I can’t believe I actually got this spot! Best one in the park!

#24 – Delaware Copper Mines host! He was so friendly and you could tell he really loved his job!

#25 – My coworkers. We’ve had some recent heartbreaking news on campus and really a lot of trying times over the past year. I wouldn’t have wanted to go through it all with anyone else.

#26 – Rainy days! Because otherwise we would have had a hard time justifying going down into the dark, freezing cold mine! It’s was in the 40s! But the experience was unforgettable!

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