The Great Rain

I left my last post on a cliffhanger! Mentioning the storm starting. Well that night after the fireworks it began to thunder and lightening.

Then the rain started.

The storm was lighting up the sky throughout the night and the rain never let up.

At some points it sounded like the sky was cracking open because the thunder was so loud and lasted for so long. The camper was vibrating nonstop. Needless to say, Gonzo and I didn’t get much sleep that night. He’s not typically afraid of storms but poor guy was curled up next to me panting all night. Queen Sophia Rose was sprawled out on her bed passed out, oh to live her life! Not a care in the world 🤣🙄🙄

The rain finally let up in the morning just as the sun was rising. I opened the shades of the camper and peaked outside and couldn’t believe all the devastation I saw!

The beach at the campground had washed away along with all of the sand around the playground; there was now a river running through the middle of the park.

Shortly after, my park host Dan rode by on his gulf cart saying the bridge out of the park had been washed away, meaning there was no way to exit with the camper. There was an alternative exit, thank goodness but, it was steep and narrow and wouldn’t fit a camper.

Then Kati sent me a video from the street right outside her living room! It had cracked open. See video below!

The beautiful, blue canal my site overlooks turned a deep, muddy brown.

Throughout the day we kept getting updates about the destruction all around the city. Flooding, bridges washing away, buildings falling into chasms, and roads giving way to the rushing waters! All this seemed all too familiar. #hurricaneharvey #houstonstrong

This poor, small town is not built to handle rainfall like this. It is built to handle freezing temperatures and massive amounts of snow! Almost every single road is at steep incline, which meant that every road turned into a raging river that night, washing away everything in its path. To top it off all the ground is made up of sand which is so easily washed away.

However, the silver lining is that once again it’s been amazing to see another community come together in a clean up effort and to see them support one another through such a terrible time. #coppercountrystrong

Dan, the park host, came around with the worst news, the city had issued a mandatory evacuation for all campers. Which meant I had to leave my camper behind. There were reports about a dam breaking which would cause the campground to flood and wash into the canal.

I had already planned on heading to Tami’s house that day, a 3 hour trip to Wisconsin. But I thought about canceling it as I knew it’d be a long trip with the storms and all the road damage. Well now I didn’t have a choice. So it was with a heavy heart that I packed up everything from the camper into my car and headed west to Wisconsin.

The 3 hour trip took 6 hours because of the heavy rain, flooding on the road, and almost every single road having a detour on it because some portion of it had washed away! Some parts washed away right in front of your eyes, check out the video!

Luckily, we finally made it safely to Tami’s and went to sleep almost immediately upon arrival!

To make the best out of a bad situation, the following day I made a trip to Duluth, Minnesota with Sophie and Gonzo! I downloaded the new Beyoncé and Jay-Z album, cruised into town and got my mind off my poor camper!

Duluth is a great city on the most western point of Lake Superior with a ton of things to do and I sure would have liked to stay longer!

We had lunch at a great restaurant, Pizza Luce! Took a drive up the North Shore (A must do! Incredibly scenic!) and then we walked around a lakeside park and played fetch in Lake Superior for a long while! It was a beautiful, sunny day!

Before we headed home I made sure to stop by the local food co-op because I can NOT ever not stop at one! Come on Houston! Get with the program and get a good food co-op!!!!!!!!!!!

That night we celebrated our birthdays (Kati and Tami’s is on the 19th and mine is on the 26th) with dinner out and an ice cream cake! We exchanged gifts and visited around the dinner table! It was nice to celebrate with my sisters, something I haven’t done with them in almost a decade.

The next day I headed back to Houghton to check out the damage. Thankfully, the dam held and I made it back to a perfectly intact camper! I slept like a baby that night!

#27 – That we were spared in the flood. Had we gotten much more water that night, the dam could have broken, flooded the campground and washed the pups and me into the canal.

#28 – A strong community who comes together. Just like I witnessed and took part in, in Houston, it is wonderful to witness people helping one another.

#29 – An alternative exit at the camp ground.

#30 – Sister birthday time! It was such a fun night!

#31 – All of the construction workers who have been working tirelessly to fix the roads before winter comes.

#32 – A safe drive to and from Wisconsin. A road could have washed away at any point and it is only by luck that I didn’t get caught up in one.

2 thoughts on “The Great Rain

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience Sara. So many have asked me because they know you were there and that Kati and Adam live there. So thankful for your safety during that whole time❤️❤️


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