Oulu, Hungarian Falls & Quincy Dredge

Kati and I had to take a quick trip to Wisconsin over the weekend to celebrate Tami’s final baby shower! It was a great time, a beautiful shower and good to see all the family again! I just can’t help but imagine living up here and being able to see everyone on a casual, regular basis like this. Here are a few shots from her lovely shower!

Also, one of Tami’s chickens had chicks! So cute!

And on the way home I helped a painter turtle cross the road!

The day after we got home from the shower it was rather cloudy and rainy so Kati and I went to go see Incredibles 2 at the movie theater it was cute and funny!

The next day was absolutely gorgeous so I decided to head out on another hunt for waterfalls! This time I headed to Hungarian Falls. I had been to this river, trail system and falls before but it was in the middle of winter. Which means I was snowshoeing through a winter wonderland not hiking through a lush forest! Entirely different experience but just as pleasant!

Same place 11 years apart.

I almost didn’t get to see all the beautiful falls. Due to the flooding all the trailheads were closed but I decided to go through anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️ do as I say not as I do.

I mean I can see why!

But totally worth it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring the dogs because the majority of the trail is alongside a cliff and if you read my last post you would understand why that might not be a great idea!

For my southern readers: fun fact most of the trails I’ve been hiking are also for wintertime use! For example, down the center of the bridge in the picture below is a black plastic mat. This is to protect the skis of your snowmobile in the winter because that’s who this trail is used by then! The area doesn’t only survive on summer tourism but also winter tourism. Because of all the lake effect snow they get every year (about 280 inches) people come from all over to enjoy! The snow is pretty much a guarantee which makes winter time that much more fun! Houghton is actually known as a “winter city”, which means it’s a city the embraces and celebrates the winter months! With one of the biggest events of the year being Winter Carnival! And absolutely awesome festival that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

If you ever decide to hike the Hungarian Falls know that they aren’t very well marked! But if you just ask a local they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Head out on 26 towards Lake Linden. Turn left onto 6th street, take the seasonal road up the hill and then park at anyone of the trailheads on the left!

On the way back to camp I made sure to stop at the Quincey Dredge 2 ruins and the old stamp mill ruins! Pretty cool to walk around and imagine how everything used to look!

This area has such a rich history and I enjoy learning more and more about it everyday!

For dinner, Kati and I got to eat with Our cousin Megan and he husband Garrett! They made the last minute decision to spend July 4th in the UP! What a fun surprise! It was so nice to catch up! We talked so long l, we ended up closing down the restaurant! It was so nice to see Megan, I don’t think I’ve seen her since her wedding a few years ago. She is pregnant now and is due 5 days after my sister Tami! Like I said, I’m really enjoying all this family time!

#51 – My cousin! So glad she reached out to let us know she was in the area! So good to catch up!

#52 – Blue skies!

#53 – Beautiful sunsets! Every night I don’t think they can better but they just keep getting better! I’m saving all the sunset pictures for one of my last post!

#54 – I’m trying to find a way to be grateful for all the fireworks. I’m struggling though because they scare Gonzo so much and put a real damper on our evenings.

#55 – I’m grateful I remained safe on my hike today, normally I don’t like solo hiking but it was a peaceful time that I very much enjoyed!

3 thoughts on “Oulu, Hungarian Falls & Quincy Dredge

  1. Sounds wonderful and what beautiful pics! So funny you spent yesterday with Megan and Garrett and Gram and I spent this evening with Tyler and his girlfriend Megan ❤️


  2. Hi Sara, this is the last blog I have received of your summer travels…..are there more? If so, please resend……my inbox gets full sometimes…. Your dad and I had a good visit yesterday (Saturday) and ate at Big Boy. Love the Kowasaki 4×4! I know you are busy preparing for exchange student. 💗♊️, A. Rosalie

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