The Porkies & Chassel Strawberry Fest

Now that my trip has been over for almost 2 months and I’ve had Taylor remind me everyday for those last 2 months that I need to finish up blogging about my trip. I figured I should probably finish up my last couple of post about my perfect trip in the Upper Peninsula!

I left off on July 3rd which now means you get to find out how I spent my day celebrating America’s birthday!

Kati had the whole day off so we left early and made our way to the Porcupine Mountains (The Porkies!) which is about 1.5 hours from where I was camping. The drive in was gorgeous!

Our first order of business was taking a picture by the sign. Well that turned out to be a terrible idea because the black flies were terrible and the next thing I knew I was covered in hundreds (not exaggerating) of black flies and they were all biting me. We ran screaming and yelling back to the car! I’m getting itching and having flashbacks just writing about it! We hoped it wasn’t a sign of things to come!

We made it into the park and stopped at the visitor center because we wanted to grab a souvenir shirt! They didn’t have any we liked but suggested we check out the Outpost which was on our way to Lake of the Clouds.

We picked up some cool gear – matching sweatshirts and some stickers and then made our way up to check out the lake!

We had seen many pictures of Lake of the Clouds so we couldn’t wait to see it in person and let me tell you: pictures do it no justice!

We looked a little bit like a shit show walking around though; the two of us and four dogs. Everyone commented on our pack which was acting extra disorderly. One lady even commented: I love that doodles don’t shed but I could never get one because they aren’t very cute. SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK! Aren’t cute?? I thought it was the collective opinion of the world that doodles are synonymous with cute! 🙄🙄 Maybe not the best behaved but defiantly cute!

We stared at the lake for a bit and checked it out from all the viewpoints.

At one of the outlooks we even saw a bald eagle soaring above us, seriously does it get any more American than that?

Once we were finished at the Lake of the Clouds we made our way to the other side of the park where we were actually going to do some hiking. On the East and West River Trails!

Welllll while we were driving to the other side, the clouds moved in and it was starting to look like rain. We decided to head out anyway because a little rain couldn’t hurt!

Hahahha little did we know.

It was an absolute downpour for the entire TWO hour hike. Thank goodness the views were still stunning and Kati and I were able to find the humor in our drowned rat status!

We saw beautiful waterfalls and got to walk along the beautiful rushing river the whole time! It really was a great hike despite our circumstance!

Thank goodness for our new sweatshirts otherwise we would have frozen on the ride home! A 1.5 hour ride home with 4 wet dogs! Need I say how enjoyable and smelly that was!! Hahahahhaha Happy Birthday America!

The following day, after Kati got out of work we headed to the Strawberry Festival in Chassel! We had the most delicious strawberry shortcake! Got to people watch, look at the lake and had the best time walking around the different vendor booths!

I found some of my most favorite Michigan souvenirs to date!

An awesome succulent terrarium where the base has been made out of driftwood from Lake Superior beaches. A great little ornament, the sweetest old man handcrafted!

And then my favorite of all! My 3 new pendants.

The first is made from Lake Superior Agate. Classis Michigan.

The second is made from a brick from the smelting factory in Hancock. This is the plant where all the copper in the Keweenaw was melted down, poured into copper molds to form copper ingots so that they could be shipped out all over the world. So cool to know I get to hold onto a little piece of that history.

The last pendant is made from Detroit Agate. Maybe my favorite of all. If you don’t know Michigan has a deep, deep history in not only timber and mining but, also in the automobile industry. Detroit Agate is made from the layers upon layers upon layers of hardened paint from the floor automobile painting rooms. You can see each layer of color. Our particular pieces were made from the Corvette factory! Seriously we spent an hour talking to this guy about the history of it all and it was an hour well spent.

#56 – I’m beyond grateful and proud to be from Michigan. I will move back one day. It is such a hidden treasure and has such a great history. Ever want to know more? I could go on and on. Just ask!

#57 – For our safety on our July 4th hike. Hindsight is telling me it wasn’t wise to be out hiking in such conditions, especially when most of it was along an edge overlooking the river.

#58 – For the sense of humor my sister and I brought to this day. It could have been a day that was easy chalked up as being ruined.

#59 – To our amazing (and cute!) puppy dogs, even to you Chumlee who cried and tried to jump into your mom’s arms for 10 minutes straight!

#60 – For having enough time to just sit down and talk with strangers.

#61 – To Kati for spending so much of her time with me this summer! Love you! Miss you, more than you know 😢

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