Bare Bluff, Montreal Falls & Copper Harbor

And now we are entering into the favorite part of my trip! The part where Taylor joins us! Yay!

Taylor flew in late on the 5th and we hit the ground running early the next morning! I had been saving some of my favorite destinations and adventures for when he got here!

Up first was Bare Bluff which I knew little about. It was Kati’s idea and I didn’t know what to expect.

After about a 30 minute drive up the east side of the peninsula we arrived at a private dirt road. About 15 minutes down the dirt road we were in a parking lot and meeting up with Kati and Adam’s friends and their dogs!

We looked like quite the crew on this day – 6 humans and 7 dogs. Whom might I add were all incredibly well behaved the entire hike, minus one little incident which I will tell you about soon! *cough* Sophie Rose *cough*

The hike to Bare Bluff was peaceful, gorgeous and a moderate difficulty through the woods. The views from the top were some of what I believe to be the best in the Keweenaw! A must see in my opinion!

We didn’t hike the whole loop as we had a packed day and still wanted to hike to Montreal Falls.

Montreal Falls is located about 15 minutes beyond the Bare Bluff parking lot down that same private dirt road. Where the dirt road ends the trail begins!

The hike is an easy 1.5 miles in along the coast of Lake Superior. It took awhile because we kept stopping to stare at the perfectly clear water!

This is also where our hike got interesting. I was at the back of the line and all of a sudden I here everyone yelling NO! and Sophie’s name. I ran up to where they were all gathered to see my queen 30 feet below me walking around in Lake Superior. She had jumped/ran over the edge because she wanted to play in the water. Well Coal and Chumlee then decided to follow her! Once they all decided they were done playing in the water, Coal and Chumlee were able to scale back up the slightly angled drop off but Grandma Sophia wasn’t even planning on attempting it. Taylor had to find another entry point down to the cove and carry her back up with some help of all the other guys! I swear! She is something else!

After that the hike was nothing short of perfect! The views were great and the end of the trail popped out at a great little beach right next to the falls!

The pups and boys all swam around for a bit and then we went to go play around on the Falls! The water was the perfect temperature and we all had a blast jumping around from rock to rock and splashing in the water. I of course fell and bruised my bum and back pretty badly. But nothing out of the ordinary at this point 🙄 We were all living our best life this day! Also, Taylor loves to drink Lake Superior water and tell everyone how delicious it is 😂

After about an hour later we headed out to go get some lunch.

Taylor and I decided to go get ours up in Copper Harbor since he had never been! We had a delicious lunch at The Mariner, they have a little bit of everything and it was all delicious!

Also, check out this funny sign in Copper Harbor. Hwy 41 starts at the tip top of the Keweenaw and ends in Miami! Pretty cool! This picture is even better to capture in the winter! With feet of snow surrounding it!

After lunch we drove up Brockway Mountain to check out the views and they did not disappoint! It was quite windy as evidenced in my picture below!

We headed home along the west side of the peninsula and stopped at every waterfall along the way! And obviously we had to stop at the Dairy Bar in Ahmeek! Yum!

A perfect day!

#62 – That Taylor made it safely up to see me and that he was able to get time off to come join me!

#63 – That Sophie was okay! When she decided to go for a swim!

#64 – That there are so many beautiful places in the world still left to see!

#65 – I’m always just thankful for a good day outside with good company!

3 thoughts on “Bare Bluff, Montreal Falls & Copper Harbor

  1. We so loved all of Copper Harbor area, Eagle Harbor, all the waterfalls! Gorgeous up there! You captured the beauty well! Can’t wait till we can get up there again! Thanks for sharing!!


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