Foster Friday with Evie

Name: Evie aka E.V.E aka Easy E

Time in our care: 2 weeks

Age: about 1 year

How Evie ended up with us: We saw a post about a beautiful chocolate lab needing foster care for 2 weeks while she waited for transport to Denver, Colorado! And who can pass up an adorable chocolate lab?

Adventure: No big adventures with Ms. Evie since I had just gotten home from my big summer trip to Michigan (yes, this post is about 5 months late). We just cuddled a lot, romped around in the backyard and took an accidental swim in the pool!

Personality: Easy E lived up to her name being one of the easiest dogs we have ever fostered. She would melt into the ground when you would pet her, and I don’t think she ever once did something wrong. She was an angel and Taylor was the light of her life. She followed him around everywhereeeee! We also worked a lot with Evie on being brave. She was shy and hesitant about so many things in the beginning and it was so good to see her come more and more out of her shell as each day passed!

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: Sophie was indifferent; typical. Poor Evie wanted Sophie to like her so much 😦 Gonzo and Evie were the absolute cutest together. Boyfriend and Girlfriend for life, two short little chocolates in love! They were seriously adorable together.

Funny story: All of her sleeping positions – see below. Such a lady!

Adopters: Evie was adopted by a wonderful family in Denver, Colorado through Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission Rescue! An awesome organization, they save HUNDREDS of labs from Houston every year and bring them to their happy endings and forever families in Colorado!

#82 – Grateful I made it through to the Friday morning of Christmas break! So happy my sister in law is here to stay with us over the holiday with her sweet puppy Snacks! Grateful to have a house full of four perfect dogs! So excited to be able to head up to Michigan soon to see my family and precious Bentley! These next 2 weeks are going to be so perfect! Happy Holidays all!!

4 thoughts on “Foster Friday with Evie

  1. Love💗 She does look like a sweetie! I just love that you and Taylor have opened your home to fostering and giving so much love to these dogs! What a difference you’ve made in their lives!! Plus we can hardly wait til we pick you up❤️🎄💚


  2. What a wonderful story!! We love her so much! She has been the most wonderful addition to our family! Thank you for loving her so much while in your care!!🎄❤️ Merry Christmas!


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