Foster Friday with George

Name: George aka Georgie aka Georgie Porgie Puddin’ and Pie

Time in our care: 5 weeks

Age: about 2 years old

How George ended up with us: Maria (Executive Director of IDOG) posted a picture of George saying he needed a miracle, he was set to be euthanized that night unless an adopter or rescue could pull him. We were pretty late getting to the post but were able to get it all worked out. Taylor was at the Liberty County shelter at 6 AM the next morning saving sweet George’s life! On a side note, there are roughly 1 million homeless pets in Houston and everyday hundreds are euthanized due to overcrowding. These are sad statistics for sure. This is why it is so incredibly important to spay and neuter your pets and to choose adoption whenever possible! #adoptdontshop

Adventure: George’s first adventure was a day at work with Taylor! It was interspersed with a visit to the vet and a quick stop at the dog wash to get that shelter smell off of him!

George’s next adventure was a trip down to Galveston to romp around in the ocean waves and to meet Astro (now Luke!)

George’s trip through our closed back door (thanks for leading the way Snacks!) and the resulting ER visit and 5 staples that followed!

George also had a pretty epic adventure to his forever home! More on that in a minute!

Personality: Goofball! Taylor and I were constantly laughing at everything George did! Such a clumsy guy! He also has such a sweet, kind guy! He’s a great cuddler and will just melt right into your arms. He lives for belly rubs and loves to chew on any and everything! While we had George the weather was pretty fantastic, cool temps but sunny skies, George absolutely loved being out and would spend much of his time with Gonzo just sniffing around the backyard and pretending to be the best guard our neighborhood has ever seen! George, your eyes are so soulful, we could never tell you no and you deserve the absolute best!

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: Both Sophie and G-Money got along great with George. Sophie took awhile to warm up and would bark excessively at George whenever he was first playing with her. #funpolice But eventually she learned to love him, hair pulling and all! He also cuddled up with Gonzo Every. Single. Night. in Gonzo’s bed. Gonzo was thrilled.

Funny story: Everyday with George was a funny story. He is right up there with Dexter and Briggs for funniest dogs we’ve ever fostered! Here are just a few of our favorite memories:


Scratching his ear and then accidentally doing a backwards somersault!

Tripping and falling all over his paws even though he is two and not a 3 month old puppy!

Melting into us for belly scratches!

Facial expressions!

Cone head for Christmas!

Falling asleep well standing!

When he pretended to be an elf for Christmas!

Donut tosses!

Adopters: We have had a lot of really fantastic people adopt our foster dogs and the trend continued on with George. Remember how I mentioned his big adventure to his forever home? Well… George now lives in beautiful Northern Utah! His new momma and her daughter flew down one weekend to get him and then they rented a car to drive him all the way home! She even came to our house bearing treats and toys for Sophia and Gonzo! From our very first conversation, I knew that George and his new mom were meant to be! She and her family are such a dog lovers! They treat their dogs like all pups deserve to be treated! George gets to go hiking in the mountains, she will appreciate and take care of him in every stage of his life AND he has already got to play in the snow! Check out the video below! He landed the perfect forever home. Heck, I wish they would have adopted me!

George, we feel so lucky to have been a part of your journey. You are so special to us. We miss you everyday but know that your are where you are meant to be! Love you!

#84 – I know I’m going with an easy one today but, I’m so grateful for all our amazing adopters. It makes fostering 1 million times easier when you know the home they are going to is absolutely perfect for them!

4 thoughts on “Foster Friday with George

  1. Thank you so much Taylor and Sara…we love George so much, so very much. I believe he is liking his life in Utah. He has played for hours in the snow, gone on lots of walks, played with his new dog cousins, eaten tons and tons of treats, and made us laugh and laugh at his antics. He is learning some basic commands, albeit slowly, but we will get there:) Tomorrow we are going to an indoor swimming pool for dogs. I think I am more excited than George! On the way back from Houston to Salt Lake, late at night, we found a lost unkempt little older girl dog. We tried but couldn’t find an owner and the shelter would take her but put her to sleep. So when we got back to Utah we had two dogs, precious George and his friend who we named Annie. We are looking for the right home for Annie. She is an older dog with a lot of health problems which we are taking care of. If we can’t find the right home for Annie then we have darling George and his new sister. What a trip…..we are the luckiest family to have been able to bring George into our family as well as (what will probably be) his new sister. And, we are lucky that we were able to meet foster parents who showed us how to give unconditional love to the little lost dogs.

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    1. Oh Jaunita!! This is so great! I’m so happy George is loving his new life so much, I knew he would! So glad y’all saved Annie! She’s about to discover how awesome life can be!


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