Foster Friday with Ruth

Name: Ruth aka Ruthie aka Ruthie Roo

Time in our care: 3 days

History: Ruth is an 11 year old black lab. She is blind and was picked up on the streets of Houston wandering around aimlessly. It’s clear she has been owned by someone because she wasn’t hurting for a meal 🤪 However, it was also clear she hadn’t been shown love in a long time, she had a horrible ear infection, so bad that it has caused her some permanent hearing loss. And her skin/fur was in such horrible shape and she had several areas all over her body that were furless. I suspect she spent the majority of her life in someone’s backyard and provided them with a few litters??? But no one can be for sure. Not at all what this sweet soul deserved. I had a very difficult time being around Ruth, at first, because I found myself constantly on the verge of full on ugly crying. She is the same age as Sophia. This made it especially hard because I know that for the past 11 years Sophie has had an exceptional life full of care, kindness and love. She has always had a warm bed to sleep in and so many hugs and kisses every single day. I don’t know how much of that Ruth ever really got and she is still just so happy. It shatters my heart to know that she will never get to hear anyone’s stupid dog-mom voice or see the love and appreciation in her owners’ eyes when they look at her. Humans failed Ruth for a very long time, I don’t understand how she can still be so happy to be around us. This goes back to what I truly believe; humans don’t deserve dogs or any animals really for that matter.

Adventure: Ruth lives in another dimension so her whole life is one amazing adventure.

Personality: While we didn’t get to know Ruth too well because we didn’t have her very long. We did learn that she loves food, loves belly rubs, has no problem maneuvering around, despite her blindness, and is the happiest pup ever. Her tail was constantly wagging. She didn’t let her old bones or lack of vision get in her way. Once she figured out you were close she would cuddle up next to you (slow fall onto you) so that you could give her a nice belly scratch. She would hop around at meal times in anticipation for her meal like a little puppy. 

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: Both loved her. She didn’t bother either of them one bit and I don’t think they would have minded if we kept Ruth around indefinitely.

Funny story:

Ruth has a deep love of food and would get the most excited at meal time. She would tilt her head to the side in hope that it was what she expected; food. Then she would wag her tail a mile a minute as she happily ate her meal.

As mentioned above, Ruth is blind and can only hear really loud noises. So watching her walk around the house was always so cute. She puts her paws out far in front of her so that she can feel if there is a wall or object in her way. But this method didn’t work all that often, so she ran into a A LOT of walls and every time she did her tail would immediately start wagging, I’m not sure why but it was the cutest ever!

We left Ruth by herself a few times while we were out running errands. Upon our return she was always in the exact position we left her in. Not positive she realized we ever left.

It was 10 o’clock at night when I heard Taylor yelling my name in the backyard. He was outside helping Ruth get around the backyard and avoid falling in the pool. Well, things didn’t quite work out because I opened the door to a soaking wet Taylor and Ruth. Poor Ruth was terrified, and Taylor felt so terrible. Looking back it was rather comical, not so much at the time though.

I also can’t help but imagine what we must have looked like in our backyard when we took Ruth out to do her business. A big, rather slow moving silver muzzled black lab running into every piece of patio furniture while we both clapped our hands and hollered her name so that she could find the grass and avoid the pool!

Adopters: Ruth is still in foster care as she was only with us for the weekend while her foster family was camping. I will make sure to update this section once she gets adopted!

Love you Ruth and I hope that you get the life you always deserved. A comfortable house with humans who worship you and feed you really well!

2 thoughts on “Foster Friday with Ruth

  1. I couldn’t help but tear up reading about Ruth. Sad story. I don’t understand people sometimes. I hope Ruth lives her old age with someone special!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You and me both Sheryl. Ruth was sweet as can be. I don’t get how anyone could ever be mean to a dog. Im sure Ruth will end up with someone special, she already has a fan club up in Denver where she is being transported to in a couple of weeks!


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